5 books that shook the hearts of literary youth, BTS RM

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RM of BTS seems to be struggling to find himself right now.
Just looking at the passages in the book he posted on social media. It is often said that if you look at the bookshelf, you can see people, and if you look at the contents of the book, you can tell the other person’s troubles. When BTS declared a break in 2022, RM mentioned the word ‘mature’. It seems that I have drifted in the time that has passed so quickly without even thinking about ‘Who am I?’ And this is, in fact, a topic of discussion for everyone. Take a look at the books that shook RM’s heart in 2022. It also gives us comfort and courage as we strive to take root in a life that is like a treadmill.



, Lee Seong-bok

“That summer I was in the middle of a storm. That summer my despair hanged red flowers like a joke, but it did not fall over many storms.” – from “The End of That Summer”


RM who picked the book of a poetic idol in the 1980s. The expressive power of poet Lee Seong-bok, who is delicate, elegant, and sophisticated, makes you feel as if you have become a special person the moment you meet him. In particular, , the poet’s third collection of poems, meets the rich and rich 1990s to the point where it is said that it is not a love poem, and every verse feels sweet and dizzy.

According to a report by the Korea Economic Daily, “On average, about 1,000 to 1,500 copies were sold a year, but an additional 200 copies were ordered from only one online bookstore.”

, Hyejeong Yoon

“Deprivation is not to make up for, it is to face it, and to accept my vulnerability, the frank acknowledgment that the map of deficiency thus formed, the blotch eventually portrays the person I am, may be the most courageous thing I can do now.” – from


Last Chuseok, what RM brought out was . This is an art essay written by Hyejeong Yoon, a former feature editor of and , Kukje Gallery Director, with the motto of ‘Life is art, and art is life’. Unlike the previous descriptions of the work, which are full of difficult theories or vague and vague expressions, the candid writings based on experience captivated the readers.

This book is a compilation of art essays that the artist has serialized in for the past two years, and contains the author’s personal confessions about 28 contemporary artists and their masterpieces. Emotions and thoughts such as happiness and fear, courage, sadness and imperfection, and beauty intertwine with her life and burst out, leading to healing. The author said that through the book, he wants more visitors to face his life in the exhibition hall. When you look at RM, it seems that you are already putting the author’s words into practice, right?

, Rent-hyung and 8 others

“I’m afraid to say this, but to be honest, I don’t have any problems with my life if I don’t write any more. I don’t think I’m going to die if I don’t write, but rather, I think I’ll die if I write. I am proud of myself, who has grown up by filling the gap with anything, but what will come out of a stable life that I put so much effort into? Even if you dare to write, what kind of power can that text have?” – from


It is a book that RM read and became a hot topic almost immediately after publication. This book, which captures the duality of the writers who want to write but doesn’t want to write, contains the pain of writing, not only by writer Lim Dae-hyeong, but also by actor Park Jung-min, film director Jeon Go-woon, and novelist Seok-won Lee.

Those who are approaching the deadline rebuke themselves for not being able to sit on a chair and hit the keyboard even though they are under the pressure of time more than anyone else. Perhaps RM also had the same feelings as the nine who wrote the article, leaving a favorite phrase and writing saying, ‘SAME STORY’. On the publisher’s Instagram, a reply, ‘Thank you, RM’ was also posted. Because the book was promoted by itself because of RM’s recommendation. That’s why the publishing world keeps a close eye on RM’s Instagram. Asking for a recommendation is a disappointment, and it is simply a message that RM is delighted to know that their book was well received.

, Riku Onda

“Music should always be ‘present’. It has no meaning unless it is art that ‘lives’ the ‘present’ together, not the exhibits displayed in the museum. It is because they are satisfied with the discovery of a beautiful fossil and end up with a fossa.” – from “The Bee and Thunder”


The fact that RM is also subscribing to ‘Winter Bookstore’, a book recommendation YouTube channel, became known because of a captured photo of posted on Instagram. Winter Bookstore, where actor Park Jung-min, Jang Ki-ha, Jang Jae-in, and EXO’s Suho appeared, is an essential subscription channel for book lovers, but I never imagined that they would even subscribe to RM. Because of that, Kim Winter, the channel operator, was also very happy when he said on his Twitter that it was a ‘winter bookstore that also RM sees’.

is a masterpiece by Riku Onda, which took seven years to write. It is a novel that beautifully depicts the world of human talent, destiny, and music against the backdrop of the International Piano Competition held every three years in Japan. He personally visited the competition four times to describe the two-week competition, and he tried to translate the music into words. And to Korean readers, “Music is a true world language. I hope you enjoy it with a relaxed mind.”

“I can tell you that living in Jeju is living in the wind. Since it is an island, the wind does not stop, and no matter what landscape you encounter, you can feel the change, shaking, and momentum of the wind. So, I have been working with the hope that such things will become not only forms in the paintings, but also landscapes filled with vibrations, rhythms, and such musical and sound.” – Kang Kang-bae, during an interview


The literary youth started the year with a book. At the moment of transition from 2021 to 2022, the catalog of artist Kang Kang-bae was in his hand. Artist Kang Yo-bae, who was selected as the recipient of the 21st Lee In-seong Art Award, held a solo exhibition at the Daegu Art Museum from October 13, 2021 to January 9, this year, and visited the exhibition. It seems that RM who did it purchased the catalog.

According to the story of the exhibition hall, the artist has been working through ’embodied’. Through the sounds and scenery of nature, it showed what kind of life an individual would lead in a historical event. Isn’t there some similarity with BTS, who constantly creates and breathes with the public?

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