Book Publishing Moak publishes poet Lee Bok-hee’s first collection of poetry, ‘The Old Spider’s Nest’ – Gyeongbuk Ilbo

Book Publishing Moak publishes poet Lee Bok-hee’s first collection of poetry, ‘The Old Spider’s Nest’ – Gyeongbuk Ilbo
Book Publishing Moak publishes poet Lee Bok-hee’s first collection of poetry, ‘The Old Spider’s Nest’ – Gyeongbuk Ilbo

cover of Lee Bok-hee’s collection of poems

Poet Lee Bok-hee’s first collection of poems, ‘The Old Cobweb’ (Moak Book Publishing), is dyed in pink like an eye-catching cover color. ‘Erotic love poems’ such as ‘After Sweet Water’ and ‘Tomato Kiss’ are seduced by ‘slick language sense’ With ‘humorous jokes and blessed jokes’ equipped with ‘,’ the belly button draws laughter.

‘The Old Spider’s Nest’, published as Moak Poets Line No. 28, is the first collection of poetry published by a poet who debuted as the autumn issue of ‘Poetry’ in the quarterly in 2022. Poet Lee Seung-ha, a professor at Chung-Ang University, and poet Kim Ki-taek, a professor at Kyung Hee Cyber ​​University, wrote the commentary. Poetic excitement and heat are detected to some extent in the collection of poems, but the restrained poetic words calmly attract the poetic voice that is easy to be excited. Even so, it is full of poetic enthusiasm that rushes in at the moment of carelessness. This is because this collection of poems calls out the most earnest moments of our lives.

This collection of poems is a record of the people the poet often visited. For that reason, this collection of poems can be said to be “poetry written by the body” (‘Old Cobweb’) by the poet.

The “dreams that bloomed inside the body” (‘Red Plum Nirvana’), such as the presence and tilt of the body, the heat and cold of the body, and the body odor, are calmly and neatly released. Those dreams are actually close to “a heartbreaking or heartbreaking story of reality” (Lee Seung-ha, ‘Commentary’), and for that reason, after reading the poem, I suddenly feel “my body with nothing to be repaired” (‘I live long-term’). remember

Only those who have passed through the center of life with their whole body can feel, see, and acknowledge the moment, so that “for once you can enjoy solitude with peace of mind” (‘Stealing an Excuse’), the poet engraves the moment in his poetry collection ‘The Old Spider’s Nest’. Quiet incontinence forms the pattern of life. The reason why the poet changes the time of incontinence is because he wants to “walk in search of another me” (‘value for name’).

Poet Lee Bok-hee.

Lee Bok-hee’s poetry writing begins the moment her “tired body” “returns home”. A quiet incontinence forms the pattern of life in “the back that alternately tasted heat” while “swimming in the sea.” Even if you turn over the course of your life here and there, the “skeleton hardening into a streamlined shape” is just “the whole body is still”. This is the reason why the poet says, “Your body is a collection of silent poems” (‘A certain stampede’) to all people in the world. This is where poet Lee Bok-hee, who published his first collection of poetry, stands out for his nimble skills.

Poet Lee Bok-hee was born in Gimcheon, North Gyeongsang Province, and lives in Gumi. She graduated from the Department of Creative Writing at Kyung Hee Cyber ​​University. ‘The Old Spider’s Nest’ is his first collection of poetry.

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