APCTP selects 10 books including ‘Panta Ray’ as the science book of the year 2022 – The Gyeongbuk Ilbo

APCTP selects 10 books including ‘Panta Ray’ as the science book of the year 2022 – The Gyeongbuk Ilbo
APCTP selects 10 books including ‘Panta Ray’ as the science book of the year 2022 – The Gyeongbuk Ilbo

APCTP 2022 10 Science Books of the Year

The Asia-Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (Director Yunkyu Bang, hereinafter referred to as APCTP) has announced 10 ‘APCTP 2022 Science Books of the Year’.

The ‘APCTP Science Book of the Year’, which started in 2005, selects 10 new books in the field of science and technology through review by the book selection committee every year. Selected books are

It contributes to the expansion of scientific knowledge and cultivation of knowledge.

‘APCTP 2022 Science Book of the Year’ is △When we stop understanding the world (Benghamin Rabatut, Seungyoung Roh) △In search of the missing neutrino (Inkyu Park, Gajae) △Panta Ray (Taegi Min, Science Books) △The World of Quantum (Lee Sun-chil, Haenamu) △Ask for Life (Jung Woo-hyeon, Early Rain) △The Power of Climate (Park Jung-jae, Bada Publishing) △A Thousand Brains (Jeff Hawkins, Idea) △How Nature Invents (Neil Shubin, Bookie) △Code Breaker (Wilter Isaacson, Woongjin Knowledge House) △Sunlight is sometimes poison (Park Eun-jung, Kyunghee University Publication and Culture Center), a total of 10 books.

This year, books in various fields such as climatology, quantum mechanics, particle physics, biology, chemistry, and history of science are selected to arouse the interest of the participants.

The selection ceremony for the ‘APCTP 2022 Science Book of the Year’ will be held on December 8 at Galda, a bookstore in Samcheong-dong, Seoul. At the ceremony, a forum for communication will be held to share opinions on science books, such as the reason for selection by the book selection committee and the impressions of the authors. Since it is a place that will be resumed offline after COVID-19, it will be a place where experts in various scientific fields such as authors, translators, and publishers will participate.

In addition, the overall review of ‘APCTP 2022 Science Book of the Year’ and book reviews for each book will be announced through the APCTP web journal ‘Crossroads’ website (https://crossroads.apctp.org/).

Koh Jae-hyeon, chairman of the selection committee (Professor of Nano Convergence School, Hallym University), said, “The APCTP 2022 Science Book of the Year selection was an opportunity to vividly feel that the class of domestic authors who can write high-quality popular science books is getting thicker.” , “I am confident that the 10 books selected this year will become a bright lighthouse that leads readers to the past and present of science and the truth of modern science.”

Bang Yun-gyu, director of the center, said, “The center continues to prepare programs that the public can participate in, such as author lectures and book report contests, based on the selected 10 books, going beyond book selection. In this way, we will continue to make efforts to realize social values, such as taking the lead in popularizing science by preparing various activities to communicate with the public on the subject of science.”

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