Cho Byeong-gyu, CEO of Woori Financial Capital, as the next CEO of Woori Bank (comprehensive) < Policy/Finance < Main article

Cho Byeong-gyu, CEO of Woori Financial Capital, as the next CEO of Woori Bank (comprehensive) < Policy/Finance < Main article
Cho Byeong-gyu, CEO of Woori Financial Capital, as the next CEO of Woori Bank (comprehensive) < Policy/Finance < Main article

In early July, the general meeting of shareholders officially appointed the president of the bank.

(Seoul = Yonhap Infomax) Reporter Jeong Won = Woori Financial Capital CEO Cho Byeong-gyu has been nominated as the next Woori Bank president.

Woori Financial Group announced on the 26th that it had recommended CEO Cho as a candidate for the next president of Woori Bank by holding a representative director candidate recommendation committee (hereinafter referred to as the Jachu Committee).

After graduating from the Department of Economics at Kyunghee University, Candidate Cho joined a commercial bank in 1992 and worked as a compliance officer, management planning group, and corporate group.

Candidate Cho is scheduled to begin his official duties after a shareholders’ meeting scheduled for July 3.

Woori Financial Group also decided to open a self-preservation committee for the CEO of Woori Financial Capital, which will become vacant due to the appointment of CEO Cho, and recommend candidates.

According to the group’s management policy of ‘the holding company puts emphasis on strategy and affiliates puts emphasis on sales’, the Jachu Committee puts sales ability at the center of the selection of the next president.

The Jachu Committee explained, “It highly appreciated that Candidate Byeong-gyu Cho has competitive sales skills and experience, and in particular, has excellent experience and vision in corporate sales.”

Candidate Cho has accumulated experience and demonstrated his abilities in the corporate sales sector, ranging from the corporate branch manager of the corporate sales division of the head office, the head of the conglomerate review department, and the head of the Gangbuk sales headquarters to the executive vice president of the corporate group.

He turned the Sangil Station branch, which was his first position as a branch manager, into a first-class branch, and proved his sales capabilities by winning the first and second place in the KPI (performance evaluation standard) of all banks while working as the corporate branch manager of the corporate sales headquarters at the head office.

Candidate Cho’s achievements in the field of innovation also drew attention.

While serving as executive vice president of a corporate group, Candidate Cho established a supply chain finance platform (SCF) that connects large companies and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

As a result, the supply chain finance platform was completed within half a year of launch, and the momentum to launch ‘One Biz Plaza’ for the first time in the financial sector was shown.

One Biz Plaza was introduced at the recent annual meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) as a concrete example of how banks realized win-win finance and shared growth, and received favorable reviews.

In addition, Candidate Cho also made achievements in the field of fostering small and medium-sized enterprises.

In December 2022, Candidate Cho was awarded the Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit for Small and Medium Venture Business Financial Support from the Ministry of SMEs and Startups for implementing various SME support policies to solve the economic downturn caused by Corona 19 and financial difficulties for SMEs.

An official from Woori Financial Group said, “Cho was evaluated as the right person to maximize Woori Bank’s corporate finance business and maximize synergy between subsidiaries by forming a team with Chairman Lim Jong-ryong, who will make Woori Finance a leader in corporate finance.” .

The committee also gave high marks to Candidate Cho’s collaborative mindset.

The Jachu Committee pointed out that Woori Bank had a corporate culture that did not reach the level of the people, and said that Candidate Cho had a mild and serving mind that could lead to a new organizational culture that listened to the opinions of employees and came up with mediation plans together. evaluated as a person with

It is known that external experts who actually conducted in-depth interviews also paid attention to Candidate Cho’s inclusive and moderate leadership that does not skew to either side.

In addition, Candidate Cho is also evaluated as a person who upgraded Woori Bank’s compliance monitoring system to the next level.

In addition to expanding and reorganizing Woori Bank’s compliance monitoring system for two years after being appointed as a compliance officer in 2018, in 2019, the Anti-Money Laundering Department was promoted to the Anti-Money Laundering Center and the first domestic bank to introduce the Know Your Customer (KYC) system, Increased transparency of transactions.

In addition, to strengthen internal control, the Compliance Support Department was expanded to the Compliance Office, while the Compliance Monitoring Team was newly established, leading the reorganization of the Compliance Monitoring Organization.

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