Countdown to year-end personnel and organizational reorganization of the three telecommunications companies

Countdown to year-end personnel and organizational reorganization of the three telecommunications companies
Countdown to year-end personnel and organizational reorganization of the three telecommunications companies

As the three telecommunication companies prepare for year-end personnel and organizational reorganization, attention is focused on the extent of KT’s personnel reorganization and whether the CEOs of SK Telecom and LG U+ will be reappointed.

According to the telecommunications industry, LG U+ is scheduled to be the first among telecommunication companies to announce employee personnel and organizational reorganization following personnel changes at group affiliates on the 23rd.

Regarding LG U+’s personnel changes, attention is being paid to whether President Hwang Hyun-sik will be reappointed.

President Hwang, who was selected as the company’s first internally promoted CEO, is evaluated as having led qualitative growth as well as quantitative growth during his tenure as CEO. Immediately after his inauguration as president, he emphasized ‘Jinfan’ and differentiated customer experience as his main management strategy, and secured competitiveness in wireless quality through additional allocation of 5G frequencies.

Recently, it expressed its intention to utilize AI capabilities, such as the development of Exigen, and previously established a Chief Data Officer (CDO) organization to speed up the capitalization of data and AI. In addition, as it has focused its efforts on the content business, LG U+ is expected to reorganize its organization for full-scale commercialization of non-telecommunications businesses.

From the left, SK Telecom President Yoo Young-sang, KT President Kim Young-seop, and LG U+ President Hwang Hyun-sik.

Following LG U+, KT is expected to release a personnel plan around the end of this month. Considering that the employee performance evaluation began last week and the in-house union branch leader election is scheduled for this week, it is expected that President Kim Young-seop’s first organizational plan will be unveiled next week.

When it comes to personnel management at KT, attention is focused on the scale of the reorganization. This is because the company was unable to appoint executives above the executive director level last year while going through a series of processes before President Kim Young-seop took office as CEO.

Looking at the most recent KT executive personnel personnel appointments in 2022, a total of 40 new executives were appointed within and outside the group, including 4 promoted to vice president level, 12 to executive director level, and 24 to managing director level. In the previous year, 2 people at the president level, 3 at the vice president level, 9 at the executive level, and 23 at the managing director level were named for promotion.

In other words, it is expected that a significant level of personnel reorganization will occur as KT, which has selected 40 new executives for promotion in regular personnel reshuffles, must resolve personnel changes accumulated over the past two years.

Considering the SK Group’s schedule for executive personnel and organizational reorganization in the first week of December every year, SK Telecom is expected to present personnel plans to LG U+ and KT one week each.

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President Yoo Young-sang, whose term as CEO runs until July next year, is also weighing on the possibility of being reappointed.

President Yoo’s assessment is that it was timely to improve the business and company structure through AI while solidifying the competitiveness of the network business, which is the company’s main business. Due to the nature of deep tech fields such as AI, the difference in future competitiveness will vary greatly depending on whether or not technology is taken first. This is because the company clearly revealed its future management blueprint, including the AI ​​pyramid strategy announced.

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