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‘Entering KOSPI’ Eco Pro Materials “Becoming the most recognized company in the world” : Seoul Economic Daily

‘Entering KOSPI’ Eco Pro Materials “Becoming the most recognized company in the world” : Seoul Economic Daily
‘Entering KOSPI’ Eco Pro Materials “Becoming the most recognized company in the world” : Seoul Economic Daily
Kim Byeong-hoon, CEO of Eco Pro Materials, is hitting North Korea at the stock market listing ceremony at the Korea Exchange in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul on the 17th. Photo provided by Ecopro

Eco Pro (086520)The group announced that it will do its best to meet market expectations in raising investment funds.

According to EcoPro on the 20th, representatives of EcoPro affiliates said at a tea time right after the listing ceremony for EcoPro Materials held at the Yeouido Stock Exchange in Seoul on the 17th, “EcoPro has grown so far by raising investment funds in a timely manner from the capital market based on the owner’s determination and challenge.” “It was possible because of this,” he said, and pledged, “The capital market has provided great nourishment for EcoPro’s growth, so we must meet market expectations.”

EcoPro Materials, which produces precursors, a key raw material for battery cathode materials, was officially listed on the KOSPI on the 17th. As a result, the Eco Pro Group is Eco Pro, Eco Pro HN (383310)Following this, Eco Pro Materials entered the capital market as its fourth affiliate. Eco Pro Materials is the first to be listed on KOSPI.

Kim Byeong-hoon, CEO of Eco Pro Materials, said in his congratulatory speech at the listing ceremony, “The growth of the secondary battery industry is limitless,” and “We will not be complacent with our current position, but we will work together with our executives and employees to become the most recognized company in the global market along with the electric vehicle era 10 to 20 years from now.” “Everyone will join forces,” he emphasized.

EcoPro Materials plans to use most of the funds raised through listing to expand its factory and secure production equipment, and also use it as an investment to create growth engines, such as purchasing eco-friendly raw materials. The goal was to achieve a market share of 7.5% with a production capacity of 210,000 tons by 2027, growing into the world’s 5th largest precursor company and increasing the proportion of external sales to 50% by diversifying customer sources.

An Ecopro official said, “We plan to continue to become a more friendly organization to the capital market and shareholders and expand our business scope into various secondary battery industries based on trust with the capital market.”

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