With Altman joining MS, MS stock price reached an all-time high and market cap exceeded $2.8 trillion (comprehensive)

With Altman joining MS, MS stock price reached an all-time high and market cap exceeded $2.8 trillion (comprehensive)
With Altman joining MS, MS stock price reached an all-time high and market cap exceeded $2.8 trillion (comprehensive)
Sam Altman, CEO of Open AI, is giving a lecture at Tel Aviv University in Israel in June. © Reuters = News1 © News1 Reporter Park Hyeong-gi

When Sam Altman, the ‘father of ChatGPT’, joined Microsoft (MS), MS’s stock price soared by more than 2%, breaking an all-time high.

On the New York Stock Exchange on the 20th (local time), Microsoft recorded $377.44, up 2.05% from the previous trading day. As a result, the market capitalization exceeded 2.8 trillion dollars, and the market capitalization is on the verge of reaching 3 trillion dollars. Apple is the only company to surpass $3 trillion in market capitalization.

MS Daily Stock Trends – Captured by Yahoo Finance

◇ Altman ultimately chooses to go to MS : This is because Altman chose to go to MS after Open AI suddenly fired him on the 17th.

On this day, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced in a post on

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. 2018.11.7/News1 © News1 Reporter Shin Woong-su

Along with Altman, who was dismissed on the 17th, Brookman, a co-founder of Open AI and chairman of the Board of Directors, also resigned from his position as chairman of the board in protest of Altman’s dismissal.

◇ Open AI employees are likely to move to MS in large numbers. : As Altman chose to go to MS, it is expected that a large number of Open AI employees will move to MS.

On this day, 500 Open AI employees signed a petition calling for Altman’s reinstatement. Through the forum, they warned that if their demands were not met, they would follow Altman and join Microsoft.

Accordingly, Open AI employees are expected to follow Altman and move to Microsoft in large numbers.

◇ Recruitment of Altman as AI halo effect disappears : Recently, MS’s stock price has been rallying due to good news about generative AI. This is because Microsoft is the most active in AI, investing $13 billion in Open AI and securing a 49% stake.

Microsoft acquired Altman, a superstar in the AI ​​field.

Accordingly, experts agree that Microsoft’s stock price is likely to rally further in the future.

In particular, it is being evaluated that Microsoft succeeded in recruiting Altman as the AI ​​halo effect is disappearing.

In a research memo, analysts Timothy Horan and Edward Yang of securities firm Oppenheimer said, “Microsoft succeeded in recruiting Altman at a time when the AI ​​halo effect is fading away,” adding, “It is a win-win for both Microsoft and Altman.”

◇ It’s only a matter of time before Apple’s market cap surpasses : Wall Street experts agree that Microsoft’s market cap will eventually surpass Apple’s thanks to AI specialization. Microsoft’s stock price rise is expected to gain further momentum as it embraces Altman. Currently, the market cap difference between Microsoft and Apple is less than $200 billion.

As of this day, Microsoft’s market cap is $2.805 trillion, and Apple’s market cap is $2.978 trillion.

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