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‘Upstage Talk’ held, digital innovation know-how revealed through industry-leading AI OCR technology < Company < FOCUS < Text of article

‘Upstage Talk’ held, digital innovation know-how revealed through industry-leading AI OCR technology < Company < FOCUS < Text of article
‘Upstage Talk’ held, digital innovation know-how revealed through industry-leading AI OCR technology < Company < FOCUS < Text of article

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Upstage (CEO Kim Seong-hoon) will hold a two-day event ‘Digitize Anything!’ on December 14th and 19th. We are holding an online webinar ‘Upstage Talk’ to share how to use AI OCR technology under the theme of ‘creating our company’s own data through digital assetization’.

OCR is a technology that extracts text data from characters in an image. Companies can use this to maximize work efficiency, such as converting various types of documents into digital assets, automating documents, and building knowledge databases, and is attracting attention as an element that strengthens core competitiveness in the AI ​​era.

Accordingly, Upstage shares the optimal use of AI OCR based on the industry’s leading technology proven by winning awards at leading international academic societies and competitions. Upstage’s AI experts will be speakers on topics such as AI product planning-development-delivery, high-performance information extraction model development method, turning documents into knowledge, digital assetization to create data unique to our company, and taking business to the next level with AI OCR. I was sick.

On the first day, the 14th, technical know-how will be released to developers in the field. Upstage Lee Jun-yeop, LLM Application Lead, introduces the overall process from planning to development and delivery based on his experience developing actual AI OCR products. Next, Upstage Document AI Lead Park Seong-rae provides insights on the development of information extraction models from data construction, model learning and development, and model evaluation.

The session on the 19th will then highlight the business aspect. Upstage CSO (Chief Scientific Officer) Park Eun-jung will appear as a speaker and point out the differences in AI OCR technology and the importance of digital assetization, and introduce in detail how to use the ‘Upstage Console’ that can easily introduce it in API form. Next, Upstage’s Document AI business development lead Minsoo Cho presents a successful introduction plan for companies, including measuring business performance and expected effects through the introduction of AI OCR, focusing on actual customer cases.

This Upstage Talk will be held online live at 8pm on December 14th and 2pm on the 19th. Pre-participation applications will be made through the Upstage website from November 21st to the day of the event, and anyone interested in the latest AI technology trends can participate.

Kim Seong-hoon, CEO of Upstage, said, “In order to create value using documents, which are core assets owned by companies, digitalization using the latest technologies such as AI OCR is essential.” He added, “In the future, Upstage will focus on digital transformation of companies based on the industry’s best technology.” “We will take the lead in providing support,” he said.

Meanwhile, by accessing the Upstage console, you can easily introduce Upstage’s high-performance AI OCR technology in API form. Through this, you can reduce costs and time by up to 82% compared to manual work, and utilize Upstage Document AI, which realizes document automation with minimal learning using a pre-learning model. A special event is also being held that provides API credits worth 30,000 won until December 31st just by signing up.

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