Daewoong Pet enters the Thai pet market… Impactamin Pet exhibited at Bangkok Pet Exhibition

Daewoong Pet enters the Thai pet market… Impactamin Pet exhibited at Bangkok Pet Exhibition
Daewoong Pet enters the Thai pet market… Impactamin Pet exhibited at Bangkok Pet Exhibition

Daewoong Pet, a pet healthcare company, collaborated with Daewoong Pharmaceutical Thailand Corporation to participate in the ‘2nd Thailand Bangkok Pet Fair SEA (PET FAIR South-East Asia) 2023’, which was held for three days from the 25th to the 27th of last month. It was announced on the 21st that it is about to open a store on the Thai market page of the online platform ‘Shopee’.

Previously, Daewoong Pet and Daewoong Pharmaceutical completed a product supply contract for global expansion in October 2022. Daewoong Pet carries out product planning and development, and Daewoong Pharmaceutical carries out global distribution, sales, and marketing.

Bangkok Pet Fair SEA is an international B2B exhibition in which companies from 30 countries around the world participate. This year, 281 participating companies and over 10,000 visitors from 43 countries visited. Daewoong Pet participated in cooperation with Daewoong Pharmaceutical Thailand subsidiary to promote its entry into the Thai market and discover offline import and distribution agents. Prior to participating in the exhibition, Daewoong Pharmaceutical Thailand subsidiary completed the application for local licensing approval for five Daewoong Pet products.

At this exhibition, Daewoong Pet and Daewoong Pharmaceutical interacted with more than 104 distributors from 14 countries and held separate meetings, including product introductions. Through this, we secured a pool of primary dealers and industry insiders, looked at the market and dealer responses to the product, and examined future entry strategies into overseas markets such as Thailand.

In addition, to discover promising buyers, a product showcase was held and pancreatic enzyme supplement Epicle, 2 types of Impactamine Pet (for dogs and cats), Anywell 3 types (probiotics, omega 3, lutein), and Big Bear Sticks 2 types (salmon, sweet potato) Distributed product samples. During the event, social contribution activities were also carried out, such as donating Impactamin Pet (dogs, cats) and Anywell (Omega 3, probiotics) to the Animal Welfare Promotion Association sponsored by the Royal Thai Royal Family.

Daewoong Pet, together with Daewoong Pharmaceutical Thailand Corporation, is also actively exploring the Thai online market. Recently, targeting the Thai market, we have entered the final stages of sales preparation on ‘Shopee’, the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, and launched Daewoong Pet Impact Tamin Pet 2 on the ‘Daewoong Mall page’ within Shopee. Daewoong Pet’s major products, including Bell, 3 types of Anywell, and Epicle, will be introduced. Online purchases will be possible locally as early as this year.

Lee Hyo-jun, CEO of Daewoong Pet, said, “At the Bangkok Pet Fair we participated in this time, we confirmed interest in Daewoong Pet from various countries such as Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore. Based on feedback from buyers we met at the fair, we increased Thailand’s online and offline market share. “We plan to increase it continuously and rapidly,” he said.

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