Samsung and Mirae Asset Management list ‘AI semiconductor intensive investment’ ETF today

Samsung and Mirae Asset Management list ‘AI semiconductor intensive investment’ ETF today
Samsung and Mirae Asset Management list ‘AI semiconductor intensive investment’ ETF today
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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Song Eun-kyung = Korea’s two largest asset managers newly listed an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that invests in stocks related to artificial intelligence (AI) semiconductors on the 21st.

According to the financial investment industry, Samsung Asset Management’s ‘KODEX AI Semiconductor Core Equipment’ and Mirae Asset Asset Management’s ‘TIGER AI Semiconductor Core Process’ ETF were each listed on the stock market on this day.

Previously, there were ETFs that invested in high-bandwidth memory (HBM) necessary for AI development, such as Korea Investment Trust Management’s ‘ACE AI Semiconductor Focus’, but the ‘ACE AI Semiconductor Focus’ ETF was developed by Samsung Electronics.[005930]and SK Hynix[000660] Each proportion exceeded 20%.

This newly listed ETF by Samsung Management and Mirae Asset Management is characterized by selecting investment stocks only from HBM and AI semiconductor equipment and process companies, excluding Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix, which have a large presence in the mobile and PC markets.

‘KODEX AI semiconductor core equipment’ is from Hanmi Semiconductor.[042700](24.6%), ISC[095340](16.7%), Reno Industrial[058470](11.0%), Daedeok Electronics[353200](9,3%), Hana Micron[067310](8.2%), and ‘TIGER AI semiconductor core process’ includes Hanmi Semiconductor (16.1%), ISU PETASYS[007660](9.0%), Eotechnics[039030](8.2%) and Hana Micron (6.6%) were mainly incorporated.

Lim Tae-hyuk, head of ETF management at Samsung Asset Management, said, “The KODEX AI Semiconductor Core Equipment ETF contains HBM-related core equipment stocks up to approximately 83%, the largest proportion among domestic semiconductor small and medium-sized ETFs, making it a semiconductor at the peak of benefiting from the growth of the AI ​​semiconductor and HBM markets. “It is a product that allows easy investment in equipment companies,” he explained.

Kim Nam-gi, CEO of ETF Management at Mirae Asset Global Investments, emphasized, “The future semiconductor upcycle will arise from AI demand, and the TIGER AI Semiconductor Core Process ETF is the optimal solution for investors looking for semiconductor companies benefiting from AI.”

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