Shinsegae’s ‘Seopday’ hits the jackpot with “1.7 trillion won in sales per week”

Shinsegae’s ‘Seopday’ hits the jackpot with “1.7 trillion won in sales per week”
Shinsegae’s ‘Seopday’ hits the jackpot with “1.7 trillion won in sales per week”
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Shinsegae Group announced on the 21st that sales from its affiliates’ integrated shopping festival ‘Sseup Day’ held from the 13th to the 19th of this month (online basis) were calculated to be KRW 1.7 trillion.

This is a 22% increase from the previous event in 2021, and it far exceeds the average sales of E-Mart (including discount stores, traders, and specialty stores) in the past month (approximately 1.3 trillion won).

This year, held again two years after the event was canceled in the aftermath of the Itaewon disaster last year, both online and offline affiliates performed evenly, leading to a significant improvement in performance.

In particular, the performance of online affiliates stood out.

Fashion platform W Concept achieved an explosive sales increase of 161%, while Shinsegae Live Shopping recorded growth rates of 34%, 31%, and G Market 10%.

Among these,, with its main categories such as luxury goods, beauty, and home appliances, exceeded its sales target by 21%, and W Concept also increased platform awareness by increasing app inflows by 73% and new members by 16% compared to the last event. Yes.

G Market and Auction contributed by selling a total of 21.17 million products during their biggest shopping event of the year, Big Smile Day (November 6-19). An average of 1.51 million units were sold per day, or 63,000 units per hour.

Offline affiliates that held a three-day event from the 17th to the 19th also achieved good results.

First of all, E-Mart’s sales increased by 22%.

Shinsegae Group’s baseball team, SSG Landers, which attracted attention for its ‘record-breaking’ performance last year, had 5% more sales than the same period during the ‘sale’ commemorating its victory.

Sales of large home appliances with high unit prices such as TVs, refrigerators, and washing machines (up 25%) and sales of processed foods (up 40%), which received great response through the ‘half-price event’, led the overall performance.

Shinsegae Department Store also posted high sales in all categories, including large home appliances (375%↑), living (107%↑), fashion (53%↑), and miscellaneous goods (43%↑), increasing overall sales by 53%.

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