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Korea-Singapore to advance carbon neutrality and new industry cooperation – Energy News

Korea-Singapore to advance carbon neutrality and new industry cooperation – Energy News
Korea-Singapore to advance carbon neutrality and new industry cooperation – Energy News

Korea-Singapore trade ministers meeting held… Green economy business agreement signed
Resolution to promote low-carbon conversion projects such as carbon reduction and carbon reduction technology
Singaporean multinational company proposes participation in ‘CF Alliance Initiative’

[에너지신문] Korea and Singapore have agreed to advance economic cooperation in the field of carbon neutrality and new industries to achieve the common goal of ‘net zero by 2050’ and to strengthen regional economic security, including improving supply chain resilience.

Ahn Deok-geun, head of the Trade Negotiation Headquarters of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, visited Singapore on the 21st and held a Korea-Singapore trade ministerial meeting and agreed to expand future cooperation in areas such as carbon neutrality, supply chain, and digital economy.

On this day, Director Ahn met with First Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Gan Kim Yong and discussed industrial cooperation measures, including cooperation in new industries such as electric vehicles and strengthening supply chains.

Next, they met with Second Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Tan See Leng and mutually agreed to strengthen cooperation to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, including energy technology and standards, and expand the use of clean energy such as nuclear power and hydrogen. The Korea-Singapore Green Economy Agreement (MOU) was signed.

This agreement contains a common opinion to promote bilateral dialogue and expansion of cooperation projects focusing on △green trade (implementation cooperation such as carbon border adjustment system) △carbon reduction △carbon reduction technology △standards and mutual recognition for low-carbon transition.

Director Ahn Deok-geun met with Lim Ming Yan, Chairman of the Singapore Business Federation, and actively requested that the regional headquarters of more than 4,000 multinational companies operating in Singapore support and participate in the ‘Free Carbon (CF) Joint Initiative’.

Meanwhile, Director Ahn attended the completion ceremony of Hyundai Motor Company’s Global Innovation Center and, in his congratulatory speech, stated that he hoped that the combination of Korea’s strengths in electric vehicle manufacturing technology and Singapore’s strengths in logistics and finance would become a successful example of green economy cooperation between the two countries.

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