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EverX’s rehabilitation and exercise therapy solution ‘MORA’ technology is recognized around the world: Health and Welfare Newspaper

EverX’s rehabilitation and exercise therapy solution ‘MORA’ technology is recognized around the world: Health and Welfare Newspaper
EverX’s rehabilitation and exercise therapy solution ‘MORA’ technology is recognized around the world: Health and Welfare Newspaper

【Health News】 The technology of ‘MORA’, a rehabilitation and exercise therapy solution developed by EverX, has received worldwide recognition.

EverX Co., Ltd. (CEO Yoon Chan, Seoul Bumin Hospital), a digital healthcare company for musculoskeletal diseases, will introduce its rehabilitation and exercise therapy solution ‘MORA’ at ‘CES 2024’, the world’s largest IT and home appliance exhibition held in Las Vegas, USA in January next year. announced on the 21st that it will win the ‘CES 2024 Innovation Awards’.

▲ EverX’s MORA solution.

EverX’s ‘MORA’ provides an evidence-based, personalized rehabilitation and exercise curriculum specialized in rehabilitation and exercise treatment for musculoskeletal diseases and analyzes patient movements with a mobile phone camera through cutting-edge AI pose estimation technology, providing objective musculoskeletal evaluation. possible.

Rehabilitation and exercise therapy is a treatment recommended based on the highest level of evidence in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, and ‘MORA’ is a solution that helps medical professionals assign appropriate rehabilitation exercises to patients and helps patients perform exercises at home through an application.

It consists of a web for medical staff and an application for patients, and medical staff can provide timely feedback through data monitoring.

‘MORA’s rehabilitation and exercise curriculum was developed by a group of specialists with extensive experience in orthopedics, psychiatry, and rehabilitation medicine to treat diseases based on medical evidence such as clinical research and treatment guidelines, and provides more than 10,000 rehabilitation and exercise programs. Using the exercise library, we have recommended treatment programs for over 150 musculoskeletal disorders.

Prior to winning the CES 2024 Innovation Award, EverEx launched ‘EverEx-Rehab’, the US version of ‘MORA’ targeting remote treatment monitoring fees in the US, after registering it as a US FDA Class 2 medical device, focusing on local physical therapy centers. We are supplying solutions and plan to use this award as an opportunity to expand our supply.

In addition, EverX is developing ‘MORA-DTx’, a digital therapy device based on ‘MORA’.

For musculoskeletal diseases, a multidisciplinary approach, such as cognitive behavioral therapy for chronic pain, is recommended through treatment guidelines, which has an impact on increasing patient compliance, which is one of the key factors in DTx activation.

Taking this into consideration, EverX has directly developed customized cognitive behavioral therapy specialized for disease characteristics and pain, applied it to DTx, and is currently conducting clinical trials for patellofemoral pain syndrome and chronic low back pain.

In addition, EverX is also preparing to launch ‘MORA-Self’, an AI-based solution for office workers’ self-management of their musculoskeletal system.

Meanwhile, CEO Yoon Chan said, “After participating in CES for the first time last year, I won the Innovation Award for ‘MORA’ a year later, and I am glad that it was an opportunity to reaffirm the value of ‘MORA’ at the world’s largest event.” “We will do our best to revitalize musculoskeletal disease rehabilitation and exercise through ‘MORA’ both at home and abroad as a solution that clearly meets the needs of both patients and doctors.”

In addition, he said, “MORA-DTx, which is currently under development, is the first digital treatment device in the country and the world in the field of musculoskeletal diseases that combines rehabilitation exercise and cognitive behavioral therapy, so that many musculoskeletal patients can receive complete treatment with advanced technologies such as AI. “We will strive to develop and commercialize innovative solutions,” he added.


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