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Samsung Electronics ranks top 5 in global brand value for 4 consecutive years

Samsung Electronics ranks top 5 in global brand value for 4 consecutive years
Samsung Electronics ranks top 5 in global brand value for 4 consecutive years

Samsung Electronics announced on the 21st that it had won ‘Global Top 5’ in Interbrand’s ‘Global Top 100 Brands’ for four consecutive years.

According to the ‘Global Top 100 Brands’ by Interbrand, a global brand consulting company, Samsung Electronics’ brand value recorded $91.4 billion, growing 4% compared to the previous year. Interbrand evaluates brand value every year based on the following criteria: the company’s financial performance, the impact of the brand on customers’ product purchases, and brand competitiveness.

According to Interbrand, Samsung Electronics this year: ▲Strategy to strengthen customer experience based on ‘Original Samsung’ ▲Provide ‘SmartThings’ connection experience and gaming experience using a diverse product portfolio ▲Future innovations such as 6G next-generation communication, AI, battlefield, AR/VR, etc. It received positive evaluations for its technological leadership capabilities and strengthening its ESG leadership.

To strengthen customer experience, Samsung Electronics has been operating ‘D2C Center’ and ‘CX-MDE Center’ under the Global Marketing Office. In addition, based on ‘SmartThings’, the company connected not only its own products but also external devices, and provided an optimized gaming experience to customers through partnerships with major companies.

In addition, innovation is continuing, including investments in communications, AI, and electronics sectors, and mass production of 12 nanometer DRAM in the semiconductor sector. The company explained that ESG management activities, such as launching products using recycled materials and developing technologies for the environment, were also well received.

“Samsung Electronics’ brand value was able to sustain solid growth even in a difficult business environment thanks to the support of customers around the world,” said Lee Young-hee, head of Samsung Electronics’ Global Marketing Department. “We will continue to provide differentiated connectivity experiences, future technology leadership, and enhance sustainability.” “We will strive to become a brand more loved by customers through various activities.”

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