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‘Only participating in management as an unregistered executive’ The number of large companies increased by 5 in 5 years

‘Only participating in management as an unregistered executive’ The number of large companies increased by 5 in 5 years
‘Only participating in management as an unregistered executive’ The number of large companies increased by 5 in 5 years

Leaders Index Analysis… The number of registered executives holding concurrent positions at subsidiaries of the CEO’s family has decreased.

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Lim Ki-chang = Among large companies with owners, it was found that 4 out of 10 companies have a head (same person) who participates in management but does not serve as a registered executive.

Leaders Index, a business analysis research institute, announced on the 21st that this was confirmed as a result of a survey of 47 groups out of 82 large companies with assets of more than 5 trillion won on the management participation of the CEO and his relatives and the current status of registered executives.

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As of this year, out of the 82 large conglomerate groups, there were 72 groups where the same person was a natural person, but Leaders Index explained that in order to look at the change from 2018, 47 companies were targeted that could be compared at the time.

As a result of the survey, out of 47 CEOs in 2018, 14 (29.8%) were not registered executives, but this year, the number increased by 5 to 19 (40.4%).

As of 2018, large conglomerates whose heads are not registered executives include Lotte (Chairman Shin Dong-bin), CJ (Chairman Lee Jae-hyun), DL (Chairman Lee Jun-yong), OCI (Chairman Lee Woo-hyun), Samsung (Chairman Lee Jae-yong), Taekwang (Chairman Lee Ho-jin), and Dongguk. Steel (Chairman Se-joo Jang), Eugene (Chairman Kyung-seon Yoo), Doosan (Chairman Yong-gon Park), HD Hyundai (formerly Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, Chairman Mong-joon Chung), Shinsegae (Chairman Myung-hee Lee), DB (Chairman Joon-ki Kim), Hite Jinro (Chairman Moon-deok Park), Hansol It was (Chairman Lee In-hee).

Among these, Lotte, OCI, Doosan, and Hansol had their CEOs listed as registered executives as of this year, but Booyoung (Chairman Lee Jung-geun), Kolon (Chairman Lee Woong-yeol), Kumho Petrochemical (Chairman Park Chan-goo), Kumho Asiana (Chairman Park Sam-goo), and Dongwon Nine companies, including (Chairman Kim Jae-cheol), Naver (Chairman Lee Hae-jin), Samchully (Chairman Lee Man-deuk), Hankook Tire (Chairman Cho Yang-rae), and Hanwha (Chairman Kim Seung-yeon), were added as a group of large corporations whose heads are not registered executives.

If the scope is expanded to the CEO’s family, in 2018, there were 260 relatives participating in the company’s management, and 213 (81.9%) of them were registered as registered executives. This year, 191 (79.3%) of the 241 management participants were registered executives, a decrease of 19 compared to five years ago.

The top five large conglomerates with a decrease in the participation of registered executives of subsidiaries of the CEO family are Jungheung Construction (-26), Hoban Construction (-21), SM (-18), Booyoung (-15), and KCC (-14). ) was investigated.

The number of CEOs and their relatives who concurrently serve as registered executives of affiliates has decreased overall.

In 2018, the number of CEOs and their relatives who concurrently served as registered executives in three or more affiliates was 70, but this year the number decreased to 52. The number of owner family members who concurrently serve as registered executives in 10 or more locations has decreased from 5 to 2.

As of this year, the CEO and relative with the highest number of registered executives is SM Hi Plus CEO Park Heung-jun, son-in-law of SM Group Chairman Woo Oh-hyun, who also serves as a registered executive of 14 affiliates. Chairman Woo Oh-hyun ranked second, holding 13 concurrent positions.

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