Samsung Electronics Korea’s only ‘Top 5 Global Brands’… 6th place Toyota, 1st place

Samsung Electronics Korea’s only ‘Top 5 Global Brands’… 6th place Toyota, 1st place
Samsung Electronics Korea’s only ‘Top 5 Global Brands’… 6th place Toyota, 1st place

Samsung Electronics was selected as one of the ‘Global Top 5’ brands for four consecutive years.

According to the ‘Top 100 Global Brands’ announced by Interbrand, a global brand consulting company, on the 21st (local time), Samsung Electronics’ brand value ranked 5th in the world at $91.4 billion (about 118 trillion won). This is a 4% growth compared to last year.

First place was Apple, which was valued at $502.7 billion (about 649 trillion won), followed by Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. Most of the top 20 brands in value are American companies, with Toyota (6th, Japan), Mercedes-Benz (7th, Germany), BMW (10th, Germany), Louis Vuitton (14th, France), and SAP (20th). Germany) etc. did well. Among domestic companies, Samsung Electronics was the only one included in the top 20 brands, and Hyundai Motors ranked 32nd.

This year, the average growth rate of the brand value of the top 100 companies was only 5.7% due to the overall global economic downturn. This is a significant slowdown compared to last year’s average growth rate of 16%. Among the top five brands, Microsoft’s value soared 14% compared to last year, while Samsung and Apple showed growth rates of around 4%.
BMW newly entered the top 10 brands at 10th place, and Disney fell to 13th place. By industry, among the top 100 brands, automobile (9%) and luxury (6.5%) brands showed high growth.

Samsung Electronics has been included in the top 10 global brands for 12 consecutive years from 2012 to this year. Since 2020, it has been the only non-US company to rank among the top five global brands. Even though the global information technology (IT) industry was weak this year, the brand value of all business sectors, including mobile phones, TV, home appliances, networks, and semiconductors, increased.

Samsung Electronics brand value trend. Interbrand homepage capture

About the Samsung brand, Interbrand ▶Strategy to strengthen customer experience based on ‘One Samsung’, which is being promoted consistently across the company ▶Provide differentiated ‘SmartThings’ connectivity and gaming experiences utilizing a diverse product portfolio ▶6th generation (6G) ) Capability to lead future innovative technologies such as communications, artificial intelligence (AI), battlefield, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) ▶ Strengthen ESG (environment, social responsibility, governance improvement) leadership through eco-friendly activities across all product lines It was revealed that these factors had a positive impact on this evaluation.

“Samsung Electronics’ brand value was able to sustain solid growth even in a difficult business environment thanks to the support of customers around the world,” said Lee Young-hee, head of global marketing at Samsung Electronics (president). “We will continue to provide differentiated connectivity experiences, future technology leadership, and sustainability.” “We will strive to become a brand that is more loved by customers through various activities to improve our brand.”

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