Unknown Worlds buys 30 billion shares of Krafton

Unknown Worlds buys 30 billion shares of Krafton
Unknown Worlds buys 30 billion shares of Krafton

[테크월드뉴스=양승갑 기자] Krafton announced on the 24th that the management and executives of Unknown Worlds, an independent studio located in North America, had purchased Krafton stock.

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The purchase of Krafton shares by one employee other than Unknown Worlds executives Charlie Cleveland, Max McGuire, and Ted Gill is about 30 billion won. The stock purchase fund was made with the cash secured at the time of the acquisition of Unknown Worlds, legally complying with the domestic stock trading procedures of overseas residents.

Unknown Worlds executives and staff explained that they made this purchase by paying attention to Krafton’s future growth potential, which is generously supporting the development of new games centered on the essence of games, which are fun and enjoyment.

The Unknown Worlds is a game developer founded in 2001 by Charlie Cleveland and Max Maguire. It presents PC and console games based on original creatives such as Half-Life MOD, Natural Selection series, and Subnautica, and has a solid fan base and game development capabilities.

Krafton selected Unknown Worlds as its first acquisition target after listing on the stock market in August 2021, and began strengthening its global game development competitiveness. Krafton will continue to work with Unknown Worlds towards the common goal of creating unique experiences for global gamers.

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