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SBS / Hwang Eui-jo’s Instagram

A netizen is controversial about national striker Hwang Eui-jo, exposing private life through Instagram, saying that videos and KakaoTalk are polluting.

On June 25, 2023, a woman A, who claimed to have met Hwang Ui-jo, appeared on Instagram and said, “I avoided establishing a relationship because I had to return to overseas after acting as if it was a romantic relationship.” claimed to have been gaslighted.

revelation woman instagram

Mr. A claimed, “I am a woman I met with Hwang Seon-soo. Hwang Seon-seon acted as if he was in a relationship with his partner, went to bed, and gaslighted numerous women by avoiding establishing a relationship just because he had to go abroad again.”

“Numerous women suffered similarly to me, and there are many celebrities among them. In the meantime, Hwang Seon-sun was also in a relationship,” he said. I don’t know if it will come out,” he wrote.

According to the revealer’s post, Hwang Ui-jo took numerous relationship photos and videos and stored them on his cell phone, regardless of whether the other woman consented or not. He said, “It was no different from (Jung Joon-young’s) golden phone that I only heard about. Isn’t this a crime?”

He warned, “I hope that no more victims will come out. The women on the other side will not even be aware of this fact.”

The videos and photos have been circulated…



Along with this, the revealer released some of the photos and videos he claimed to have found on Hwang Ui-jo’s cell phone. In the photo and video, Hwang Eui-jo was seen taking off her clothes and having sex. In particular, some of the videos are known to have been filmed and circulated by the other woman.

In the video, Hwang Eui-jo took off his real clothes and had sex with a woman. It is not known exactly who filmed the video. However, it is presumed that both of them agreed in that the video was filmed while Hwang Eui-jo looked at it, and that she also leaked the video call video she filmed. However, the photo or video uploaded by the revealer may not be the video of the revealer, but the video of another woman.

Hwang Eui-jo's Instagram
Hwang Eui-jo’s Instagram

This post is quickly spreading across multiple communities and social media. Netizens are convinced that player A is correct based on the male face and tattoos in the video. At the same time, we are concerned about the exposure of sex videos.

Netizens who heard the news commented, “Anyone stays neutral until they open their mouths. ,”Eh… I thought it was a while ago, but it was exposed again?” , “No, this is worse than what Hwang Ui-jo did? It’s the distribution of revenge porn. I decided to ruin my life.”

Due to this controversy, Hwang Eui-jo’s SNS account is currently private.

The privacy controversy that erupted five years ago…


Born in 1992, 30 years old Hwang Eui-jo is a South Korean football player belonging to Nottingham Forest FC. His position was a striker, and he was a player who had not been able to reach his potential even after receiving attention as a national team-level prospect from the time of his debut in the K-League. .

There are many evaluations that he is a handsome handsome man. He has a good smile, is charming, and is visually stunning thanks to his height and broad shoulders. The low voice that touches the hearts of women also contributes to its popularity. If you look at the pictorial photos taken as a model for a fashion brand, they show considerable visuals.

This kind of Hwang Ui-jo has a lot of flirtatiousness through his popularity, dates a lot of women, discloses his girlfriend on Instagram, and even Hwang Ui-jo’s personality and private life are related search terms, and the controversy about Hwang’s personality continues. there is. Hwang Eui-jo’s female problem had already been exposed once in 2016 when he was a member of Seongnam FC, but it was not so controversial.

online community

online community

The conversation content of the message is a woman who is already dating a woman who says, “How dare you do that to me?” Judging from the remarks on the back, Hwang Ui-jo crossed his legs and dated several women at the same time.

Women felt betrayed that Hwang Ui-jo had crossed both legs, and eventually even reached a situation where they changed their cell phone number, but Hwang Ui-jo’s current girlfriend said that it didn’t matter much.

To summarize from the revelations poured out through the community at the time, it is known that Hwang Ui-jo had interactions with other members of the opposite sex from the beginning of his relationship, even though he had a girlfriend he had been dating for six months at the time.

online community
online community

He claims to have slept with other members of the opposite sex before training in the United States and behaved as if he did not have a girlfriend for other members of the opposite sex. At the time, she pretended not to have a girlfriend and kept in touch with another member of the opposite sex for about a month, and was known to have even slept with them.

However, Hwang Ui-jo changed his contact information overnight and lost contact, and at the dawn of the day when contact was lost, Hwang Ui-jo posted a picture of his girlfriend at the time on his Instagram. This is what exposed the contents of the conversation.

‘Hwang’s breakup’ Hyomin, “I’d rather die than marry him” Meaningful?

Dispatch/ Hyomin's Instagram
Dispatch/ Hyomin’s Instagram

Earlier in January 2022, Hwang Eui-jo and Hyomin and Romance rumors broke out. The two met through an acquaintance’s introduction and maintained a close relationship, developing into lovers from November 2021, and were in a long-distance love affair across the continent with Hwang Eui-jo, who was a member of the French professional league at the time.

A photo of them naturally enjoying a date was released in Switzerland, just like any other lover, but neither of them responded to the dating rumors at the time. About two months after that, in March 2022, Hyomin explained the fact and reason for the breakup through her agency, saying, “The dating article reported in January is true, but we naturally broke up due to the burdensome situation.”

Rumors of a romantic relationship broke out in early January, but the official position was delayed because neither of them had a management agency at the time, so there was no one who could respond to the official work.

If they break up, they are strangers, but Hyomin’s sloppy behavior made viewers frown. Hyomin uploaded a meaningful post that seemed to shoot Hwang Eui-jo on Instagram a month after the announcement of the breakup.

Hyomin, who announced that she started living for a month in Australia in April 2022, said on her Instagram, “Hwang Uijo proudly.”I’d rather die than marry him” I uploaded an English dictionary phrase containing the sentence.

Hyomin's Instagram

Hyomin’s Instagram

As a result of this, many speculations from netizens poured in, and Hyomin explained, “This sentence is only in the textbook, and it is not anyone’s story.”

Regarding the controversy over Hwang Eui-jo’s private life, which appeared once more, netizens commented, “Did Hyomin know about this?” , “In the past, a man would have been buried, but the person who uploaded the video is a criminal, so that doesn’t work. Now, only a man is covered with a dump tank”, “So what’s wrong with Hwang Eui-jo, so he should be leaked?”, etc.

Will striker Hwang Eui-jo rise again?

Hwang Eui-jo's Instagram
Hwang Eui-jo’s Instagram

Hwang Eui-jo was recognized for his potential as a national team-level prospect from the time he made his debut in the K-League. In addition, he is a soccer player who made a dramatic turnaround by receiving an opportunity that came in the late summer of 2018 by making a big success in the J-League.

In addition, following the genealogy of Hwang Seon-hong, Lee Dong-guk, and Park Joo-young, he is evaluated as a player with a record of more than 10 goals per season. His playing style has been evaluated by the officials for his high goal-making ability with instant agility, high-quality first touch, and dribbling.

This is Hwang Eui-jo, who scored 4 goals and 2 assists in 18 games at FC Seoul in 2023. Although the number of goals is low compared to the number of matches, the absence was only 1 game. Hwang Ui-jo’s lease with Seoul expires on June 30. As soon as the contract expires, we plan to re-challenge on the European stage as we have said before.

Although the number of goals may have been less than expected, he has an absolute weight in Seoul’s current offensive plan, and the influence he exerts within the game is so great that all K-League coaches unanimously say that Hwang Ui-jo is the core of Seoul’s football, so Seoul fans They are desperate for a loan extension, but worry about the team after Hwang Eui-jo’s departure. However, unlike the wishes of Seoul fans, the player’s will to return to Europe is strong, and the original team, Nottingham, has not expressed any particular position, so it seems difficult to extend the lease.

Attention is focusing on whether he will be able to stand up as a soccer player again in this privacy controversy.

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