“Synchronization rate 95%, it’s like riding a time machine” ‘Sisters’ meets the original K girl group

“Synchronization rate 95%, it’s like riding a time machine” ‘Sisters’ meets the original K girl group
“Synchronization rate 95%, it’s like riding a time machine” ‘Sisters’ meets the original K girl group
On the 14th, at the Hongik University Daehakro Art Center in Jongno-gu, Seoul, where the show musical ‘Sisters’ was being performed, once they stood in front of the camera, they exploded with excitement and talent that could not be stopped by time. From the left, Lee Ye-eun, who played the role of Kim Myeong-ja (current name Kim Hee-sun) in ‘Isisters’, Jae-suk Ko in ‘Bunny Girls’, Hee-seon Kim in ‘E-Sisters’, and Seo-young Lee, who played Jae-sook Go in ‘Isisters’. /Reporter Lee Tae-kyung

“You did really well. “It felt like I was seeing myself when I was 20 years old.” (Kim Hee-sun, ‘E-Sisters’)

“Sister, you spoke very well. It was happiness, happiness itself. “I was so happy because they worked so hard to make me like it!” (Go Jae-sook, ‘Bunny Girls’)

Every legend has an origin. Before the K-pop girl groups that are taking the world by storm, there were outstanding singers from the 1930s to the 1980s who should be called the ‘original K-girl groups.’ The show musical ‘SheStars!’ is the story of six legendary female groups.

The two main characters and the two actors met at the main theater of Daehakro Art Center, Hongik University, Jongno-gu, Seoul. Kim Hee-seon (82, below) of the 1960s super girl group ‘E Sisters’ who sang ‘Ulleungdo Twist’ Heeseon·Activity name at the time: Kim Myeong-ja), Ko Jae-sook (69, below) of ‘Bunny Girls’ who dominated the era with unconventional costumes and stage manners Jaesook) and actress Lee Ye-eun (34, below), who plays ‘Kim Myeong-ja’ on stage. Yeeun), actor Lee Seo-young (29, below), who plays ‘Go Jae-sook’ Seoyoung). The four people seemed to have jumped through time and didn’t notice the passage of time as they sang and talked about the stage. The interview was reorganized into a conversation.

The photo on the left is Kim Sang-mi, Kim Cheon-sook, and Kim Hee-seon of ‘Isisters’ (from left). Go Jeong-sook and Jae-sook sisters from ‘Bunny Girls’. /Sinshi Company

Heeseon “On stage, ‘I’m the master of the Sisters!’ While doing this, I placed my hand on my waist and it really made me cry. “I feel like I went back to my younger days.”

Jaesook “As they say these days, ‘synchronization rate’ is 95%! Not only the singing style and dancing, but even the way they exchanged microphones on stage was the same. “I couldn’t even speak because I kept crying.”

Yeeun “thank you so much. Actually, there isn’t much data left on ‘Isisters’, so I looked at old photos and recent interviews and imagined what kind of person they were. “It was soft and good, but I felt hardness and energy, and when I saw it in person, I was surprised that it was exactly as I imagined.”

Seoyoung “I was fortunate to have some footage of ‘Bunny Girls’ left. He seemed infinitely lovely and friendly on stage, but the day I first met him, his charisma was unmatched! “I thought this is what living legends are like.”

Jaesuk “How can you sing so well? How do the chords of so many songs from different genres and eras fit together so beautifully? I heard you opened your mouth and said ‘heh~’. She asked Yun Bok-hee, who was sitting next to her, ‘Sister, how are you so good at it?’ “It was just like that.”

Heeseon “There is a recording scene in the musical too, right? ‘Isisters’ recorded 200 songs in the two years since their debut. I also sang many commercial songs, including Caramel, Piano, and Soy Sauce Medicine. It was the middle of winter when we recorded our first album ‘Washington Square’. “I vividly remember singing while wearing a scarf in a cold recording studio after attending the 8th U.S. Army Show.”

‘Bunny Girls’ from the show musical ‘Sisters’. Ha Yu-jin as Go Jeong-suk and Lee Seo-young as Go Jae-sook. /Sinshi Company

Yeeun “I had to properly show the stories of our seniors who sang in such difficult times, so I practiced for the first two months almost as if it were a training camp. “Only six actors on stage have to play all the roles, including members of six girl groups, so even things like harmony and dance lines when the combinations are different are coordinated.”

Seoyoung “I’m also from a girl group (Hello Venus). The seniors’ stories were a series of surprises. You pick up fabric in front of a U.S. military base or at Dongdaemun Market, make your own costume, and do your own hair and makeup… . “I thought we made music too easily.”

Jaesook “You were born into a good world, haha. “The ‘Bunny Girls’ were the ‘original military presidents’ who would turn everything upside down when they performed at military base consolation concerts.”

Seoyoung “Oh my, the girl group I was in also had the nickname ‘Military President’. Around 2014?”

Jaesook “I’m from the 70’s! “The military presidents met today, hahaha.”

Clockwise from the top left, Go Jae-sook of ‘Bunny Girls’, Lee Seo-young, the actor who played the role of Go Jae-sook, Kim Hee-sun of ‘E-Sisters’ (name during her time as Kim Myeong-ja), and Lee Ye-eun, the actress who played the role of Kim Myeong-ja. /Reporter Lee Tae-kyung

Heeseon “In our time, there was no television, so when we walked down the street, we heard our songs on the radio and knew we were popular. Listening to our songs on the street felt like a dream. “I forgot all the hardships.”

Jaesook “I felt really good when everyone, regardless of gender or age, liked me and cheered me on. “It was difficult at the time because all I did was eat, practice, perform, and appear on TV without any privacy.”

Yeeun “I told people around me that I was appearing in this musical, and the seniors were so happy. “My father often falls asleep even when invited to a performance, but this was the first time he watched the whole thing from start to finish without missing a single thing, haha.”

Seoyoung “The costumes of ‘Bunny Girls’ at the time were also very pretty. Even if you ask me to wear it right now, I’ll immediately say ‘I like it!’ Enough to do it. “I thought that kind of feeling continues in girl groups’ performances and costumes now.”

Jaesook “Oh my gosh, don’t even talk. At that time, when we made the costumes, the broadcasting station PD sighed. If you go on air wearing clothes like this, you’ll have to write a speech yourself. Then, if you say, ‘Okay, I’ll go somewhere else,’ they just grab you. “After that, the PD writes a remark again, hahaha.”

‘Sisters’ from the show musical ‘Sisters’. From the left, actors Yuyeon, Lee Ye-eun, and Shin Shin-jeong. /Sinshi Company

Yeeun “My seniors said, ‘It’s like I went back to that time in a time machine.’ I was really grateful and it was a great help. “I think this musical has the power to present such memories.”

Heeseon “I spread the video of me saying hello and dancing around the curtain call. “All the seniors and juniors from Sudo Girls’ High School are coming to see it.”

Jaesuk “My children are in their 30s and they really enjoyed it, Mom.”

Seoyoung “There aren’t many musicals that families can watch together. These days, holidays are the only time all three generations of the family get together, but even if it’s not such a special day, I think it’s a performance that gives the family something to watch and talk about together.”

Seonhee and Jaesook “I know yeah!”

The musical ‘Sisters’ follows the story of six female girl groups. The story continues with the ‘Tears of Mokpo’ girl group ‘Jeogori Sisters’, Lee Nan-young’s Joseon music theater group in the 1930s, and the ‘Kim Sisters’, a group of three members, including Lee Nan-young’s two daughters and niece, who toured the United States during the Korean War, starting with Las Vegas. , ‘The Sisters’, who started out as vocalists of the 8th US Army Shodan and became Korea’s representative girl group in the 1960s, will heat up the stage. Next, Yoon Bok-hee’s ‘Korean Kittens’ appeared in the best US military consolation performance of the time, ‘Bob Hope Special’ and showed a stage performance about 50 years ahead of its time, followed by Busan twin sisters Go Jeong-suk and Jae-sook’s ‘Bunny Girls’ and Insooni, a girl from Pocheon who wanted to become a nun. The story of ‘Hee Sisters’ continues.

Ten young musical actors play girl group teams in various combinations and re-enact their performances based on photos, sound recordings, and video materials from the time. Old hit songs and the old pop masterpieces they covered were reborn as a cheerful and exciting modern musical through rapid development and big band arrangements. The performance runs until November 12th.

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