“The difference in personality is an excuse… Having an affair with 3 people?” The real reason for Tak Jae-hoon’s divorce revealed

After debuting as a solo singer, Tak Jae-hoon produced numerous hit songs with the group Country Kkoko. After that, he gained popularity with his unique quickness and sense of entertainment, and entered various entertainment programs.

Tak Jae-hoon, who was born in 1968 and is 55 years old in Korea this year, is currently unmarried without a spouse. However, as the reason for his divorce has recently been re-examined, it has become a hot topic among netizens.

Tak Jae-hoon, a representative of ‘the devil’s talent’ in the entertainment industry, has also achieved great success as a singer, but rather, he is more prominent in entertainment programs and has established himself as a popular broadcaster. He is currently appearing on SBS ‘Dol Sing for Man’, a program that features four men who were all married and then divorced.

Who is Tak Jae-hoon, ex-wife Lee Hyo-rim? The youngest daughter of the beautiful ‘Jinbo Food’


Among them, Tak Jae-hoon is very famous for the fact that his ex-wife is a ‘child of a chaebol family’, and his ex-wife, Lee Hyo-rim, who is 8 years younger than him, was a super-elite model in 1997. Also, he studied fine art and design in France and England after graduating from Seoul Institute of the Arts.

In addition, Hyo-rim Lee is the youngest daughter of Chairman Jinbo Foods, who has led a leading food company in Korea. Jinbo Foods entered the kimchi manufacturing industry as Hanmi Foods in 1972 and changed its name to the current company name in 1999, and is known as a leading food industry leader in the kimchi industry.

Tak Jae-hoon and Lee Hyo-rim got married in 2001 and had two children together, having one daughter and one son in 2002 and 2004.

Tak Jae-hoon’s divorce suit, the reason for the personality difference? Last year, he was jailed for illegal gambling…

However, after 14 years of marriage, they finally got a divorce in 2015. In the early days, the reason for their divorce was known only as a difference in personality, so they seemed to follow the steps of an ordinary divorced couple.


They have one son and one daughter, but the relationship became estranged as they spend more time away from each other due to problems with their children’s education.

An official said, “My wife and children spent two years in the United States for education. As Tak Jae-hoon lived his life as ‘Father of Goose’, he seems to have grown distant.” Moreover, as Tak Jae-hoon was put on trial for illegal gambling, his activities were severely damaged, so there is speculation that the family feud may have deepened. In January 2015, it was announced that his wife Lee had filed a claim for damages by pointing out three women as the adultery of Tak Jae-hoon.


Lee Hyo-rim also revealed during the divorce proceedings, “Tak Jae-hoon spent hundreds of millions of won on three women he was having an affair with, and he did not properly pay living expenses and child support to his family.”

In fact, Tak Jae-hoon’s aide said, “It’s unfounded.” “If you cheated, you should file a criminal complaint for adultery. This is obvious press play. We will take legal action against the media company for defamation.”

However, his wife Lee’s argument was different. Prior to compensating for her damages and litigating, Hyo-rim Lee requested the court to view Tak Jae-hoon’s phone calls, card details, and financial and immigration records, and confirmed evidence of her close relationship with the women.

Lee Hyo-rim said, “Tak Jae-hoon was investigated and tried for gambling for the past 13 years and traveled abroad twice with them even during the period he should have been self-isolating. “I have all the details of spending hundreds of millions of won on three women: me (79 years), Song (81 years), and former  (88 years). They paid the cyber university tuition with Tak’s card and even got me to receive obstetrics and gynecology.”


However, the story behind Tak Jae-hoon’s marriage with Lee Hyo-rim was a lot of trouble. Tak Jae-hoon and close acquaintances protested Tak Jae-hoon’s position. It was said that his married life was difficult due to his wife’s excessive purchase of real estate and differences in personality. It is said that he has been living apart for quite some time. Another acquaintance said, “His wife bought the real estate beyond what he could afford, so Tak Jae-hoon used most of his income to pay off loans and interest. He had no money, but only real estate loans increased, and he suffered a lot of heartache.”

In the past, Tak Jae-hoon said in an interview that his wife manages the money he earned through real estate, etc. It is said that Tak Jae-hoon is a style of collecting money, and his wife is in charge of rolling money. Because he saves money when he puts in the savings. When a lot of money is raised, her wife invests in real estate,” he said.

In fact, it turned out that there were no allegations of adultery brought up by Hyo-rim Lee. And she officially became a man on April 22, 2015, when her divorce finally came to fruition.

Meanwhile, Tak Jae-hoon talked again about the reason for his divorce while broadcasting with Lee Kyung-gyu last year. At that time, Lee Kyung-gyu hurled a ball to Tak Jae-hoon, saying, “What is the cause of the divorce?” and Tak Jae-hoon was hesitant to answer at first, saying, “Brother, that’s complicated to say the least.”

Kyungkyu Lee Youtube
Kyungkyu Lee Youtube

Then Lee Kyung-gyu said, “You didn’t get a divorce because of an affair. Even when the public thinks of it, I think it’s because of the wind.” Tak Jae-hoon said, “It’s not like that. It’s absolutely not an affair.” He strongly denied, saying, “If I had an affair, I wouldn’t have divorced after having an affair.”

To this, Kyung-gyu Lee said, “Is that so? If so, we must have been thinking the wrong thing.”

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