Son Yeon-jae, when her husband’s face was revealed… Leaving your identity behind


(Export News Reporter Lee Chang-gyu) With Son Yeon-jae, a former national rhythmic gymnast, getting married, interest in her husband is growing.

Son Yeon-jae posted pictures along with the sentence “2022.08.21” on his Instagram at dawn on the 23rd.

In the published photo, Son Yeon-jae is showing off her radiant beauty in an off-shoulder wedding dress. In particular, the reliable figure of her husband standing next to him also drew the attention of many.

For this reason, interest in the identity of her husband, who received attention immediately after the announcement of the marriage, is growing again.

Her husband, who is known to be 9 years older than Son Yeon-jae, is known as a non-celebrity office worker. However, on the 2nd, a media reported that Son Yeon-jae’s bride-to-be is the CEO of a promising global hedge fund in Korea. Regarding this, Son Yeon-jae’s agency, Next Euphoria, told Xports News on the same day, “Please understand that it is difficult to confirm because it is a personal part.”

However, in online communities, the picture was released along with a post saying that it was a picture of Son Yeon-jae’s husband, and netizens have different opinions about it.

Some say, “These days, being a financier doesn’t look good”, “It’s a marriage that you like, but it’s a waste of Son Yeon-jae”, “Are you 9 years older?” On the other side, “Isn’t it the fact that a company representative has that much ability”, “It’s a marriage that we both love anyway, but it doesn’t seem like it’s something that can be debated”, “It’s strange to say something about the public’s appearance in itself.” Isn’t it?” and other comments, expressing the opinion that there is no problem in the marriage of the two.

On the other hand, Son Yeon-jae, who was born in 1994 and is 28 years old, is from the national rhythmic gymnastics team.

Photo = Son Yeon-jae’s Instagram

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