“9.9 billion won…” Kim Na-young, who became a ‘single mom’ after her ex-husband was arrested, reported sad news again

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Broadcaster Na-young Kim bought a building worth 9.9 billion won and became the owner of a building in Gangnam, attracting many people’s attention. Among them, the reaction of experts saying ‘It’s a pity’ about this is a topic of discussion.

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According to industry sources, Na-young Kim purchased a building with one basement and two above the ground in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul in July for 9.9 billion won. It is known that in the process she borrowed about 4.7 billion won.

The building is a type 1 exclusive residential area, and cafes are operating on all floors. That is, the price has risen by more than 2 billion won in one year.

Regarding this, there were positive evaluations that Na-young Kim’s building is located in the ‘station area’ and has an excellent location, but experts are showing disappointment in relation to Kim Na-young’s purchase of the building.

Photo = Kim Na-young's Instagram
Photo = Kim Na-young’s Instagram

Recently, Sports Kyunghyang reported an interview with Park Jong-chan, an appraiser of Samil Ratings.

Park Jong-chan, an appraiser, commented, “The building that Na-young Kim bought is in a very good geographical location.

He continued, “It is judged that the purchase was at twice the price compared to the same area of ​​use,” he said. In other words, the sale price is too high compared to other properties in the same condition.

photo = ELLE
photo = ELLE

In addition, appraiser Park Jong-chan said, “Kim Na-young must have looked at the capital gains from the building and purchased it, but the income rate would be significantly lower. “It makes me feel sad,” he added.

Kwon Do-hyeong, CEO of Cheongsol Hana Real Estate, said, “You must have heard enough advice about ‘dangerous’ around the time of the real estate transaction. He then said that he felt very sorry for this investment.

Photo = Kim Na-young's Instagram
Photo = Kim Na-young’s Instagram

Meanwhile, Na-young Kim, who was born in 1981 and is 42 this year, married a non-celebrity man in 2015, but is raising two sons alone after divorce in 2019.

Kim Na-young’s ex-husband was arrested on charges of violating the Capital Market and Financial Investment Business Act and opening gambling. Her husband was accused of taking unfair advantage of 20 billion won.

Kim Na-young has been dating MyQ since November of last year. Netizens who saw My Q having fun with her Kim Na-young’s children are also responding, “Isn’t Kim Na-young getting married again?”

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