“Since I was a minor…” An actress who seduced a married man and committed an affair, a surprising current situation was revealed

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The current situation of Erika Karata, who shocked fans by committing an affair with a married man since she was a minor, is drawing attention.

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On September 9th, on the YouTube channel ‘film chiyuw’, the trailer for the movie ‘Flow Towards’ starring Erika Karata Yuya Endo was released.

In the drama, Erika Karata plays Satomi, who quit her job and runs a store at her sister’s general store, and Yuya Endo plays his lover Tomotoku. The film is scheduled to be released on November 26th.

Erika Karata is a Japanese actress who made her face known to domestic fans by collaborating with Song Joong-ki in the 2019 tvN drama ‘Arthdal ​​Chronicle’ and appearing in the music video for singer Na-ul’s ‘The Empty Seat’.

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He met Mashihiro Higashide in the movie ‘Asako’, which was released in 2018, and had an affair. Erika Karata was a minor at the time, so she added shock to her belatedly known affair.

Higashide married his wife An in 2015, and they have a son and twin daughters. Erika Karata continued her relationship despite her affair with Higashi de Masahiro and her wife, Ann, during her affair with Erika revealed twice during her affair.

What is even more shocking is that Erika Karada and Masahiro Higashide’s affair began when his wife An was pregnant with their second son.

Photo = Karata Erika's Instagram
Photo = Karata Erika’s Instagram

Erika Karada and Masahiro Higashide, who appeared as lovers in ‘Asako’, met privately and maintained a close relationship even when they were not filming. In an interview with Kara de Arica herself, she said, “I never failed a single attempt during the filming period.”

In addition, Karada Erika proudly revealed the relationship between the two by posting a number of photos reminiscent of a strange relationship with Masahiro Higashide on social media before the news of the affair was officially announced. They wrote meaningful words such as “The last summer of their teens, we had a great love,” and even printed and distributed photos of the two of them face-to-face with their co-workers.

In addition, he posted pictures on social media of Masahiro Higashide waking up, staring at the window, or lying comfortably in bed. Shortly after rumors of her affair broke out, Erika Karada deleted all of her photos in question.

Photo = Karata Erika's Instagram
Photo = Karata Erika’s Instagram

As the controversy spread, Karata Erika’s agency at the time made an official statement saying, “I am reflecting on my careless actions, and I am deeply accepting of my weakness, frivolity, and stupidity. I will do my best to prevent this from happening.”

On the other hand, in March 2021, an article titled ‘The current situation of an affair actress in Japan’ was posted on an online community and became a hot topic. According to the article, Erika Karata remained at her current agency and continued to go to work, not working as an actress, but in general office jobs such as accounting.

In addition, it is known that he is serializing a manga containing an autobiographical essay along with a photo he took directly under the title of ‘MIRROR’ in the Japanese camera magazine ‘Nippon Camera’ and is preparing to become an anime voice actor.

photo = online community
photo = online community

After more than a year of self-discipline, Erika Karata made a comeback with the release of the short film ‘Something in the air’, in which she played the main character at ‘Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2022 S/S’ last September.

Erika Karata, who was born in 1997 and is 25 this year, is a Japanese actress and model. .

While in high school, I took vocal training and acting lessons, and in September of that year, I made my face in Korea by appearing in the music video “DIVINE (Story ver.)” of the Korean idol group Girls’ Generation.

The article is in Korean

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