“Protect Jenny!” BLACKPINK JENNIE fans urge YG to respond to photo leaks

“Protect Jenny!” BLACKPINK JENNIE fans urge YG to respond to photo leaks
“Protect Jenny!” BLACKPINK JENNIE fans urge YG to respond to photo leaks
Jennie (Photo=YG Entertainment)

[이데일리 스타in 김현식 기자] Some fans of girl group BLACKPINK member Jennie have urged YG Entertainment to respond to the online photo leak.

Recently, a large number of photos of Jennie and his dating partner, BTS member V, were leaked online one after another.

Concerns are continuing that the two people may have been hacked over this. However, Jenny’s agency, YG Entertainment, and V’s agency, Big Hit Music, have not made any statements regarding the authenticity of the dating rumors and the leak of photos.

Among them, some fans at home and abroad of Jenny, who identified themselves as the ‘Jenny Global Fan Union’, distributed a statement on the 23rd, urging the agency’s response.

They said, “Over the past few weeks, we have constantly communicated the seriousness of the matter to YG Entertainment and related officials regarding Jennie’s privacy protection, but to no avail.”

He continued, “(Photos) are being circulated regardless of the parties’ intentions, and many people are maliciously consuming them.

In addition, they said, “Because we know the sensitivity of the matter, it is also difficult to expect any immediate actions and results right away. Nevertheless, YG Entertainment’s continued silence is difficult to comprehend.”

He continued, “What fans want is that the company’s position to protect artists be officially clear. We strongly demand an official notice of legal action against those who use this matter as an excuse to engage in secondary harm to Jenny, spread malicious rumors, and harm them.”

Finally, they said, “It is the company’s natural mission to protect our artists.

Jennie’s team, BLACKPINK, is in full swing with their 2nd regular album ‘BORN PINK’.

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