A real photo of Kang Jong-hyun’s face has been uploaded and is becoming a hot topic.

Kang Jong-hyun’s face was uploaded to the online community under the title ‘Park Min-young’s boyfriend’s real face without mosaic’, and it is becoming a hot topic.

The post is spreading as it spreads to various communities.

Jonghyun Kang, Minyoung Park

According to a report by Dispatch, Kang Jong-hyun has business cards of ‘Vident’, ‘Inbiogen’, ‘Bucket Studio’ and ‘Bithum Live’ and is said to have a 34% stake as the single largest shareholder of ‘Bithumb Holdings’. .

‘Vident’ and ‘Bucket Studio’ are listed on the KOSDAQ, and ‘Inbiogen’ are listed on the KOSPI.

In addition, Dispatch said, “Kang Jong-hyun is a hermit wealthy man. His name does not appear in any data related to the company. The (surface area) representative of three listed companies is his younger sister Kang Ji-yeon.” “I borrowed money and embezzled money. At the same time, I took part in an expedient loan of a financial company A and swallowed more than 10 billion won of blind money. After that, in 2020, Kang Jong-hyun came to dominate three KOSDAQ-listed companies with 23 billion won.” raised suspicions about

Chairman Kang’s side is known to have denied any relationship with the company, saying to Dispatch, “The people around me call me Chairman, I have no relationship.”

According to the registered copy of Inbiogen, a listed company on the KOSPI, Park Min-young’s sister P was listed as an outside director in April.

Inbiogen is one of the companies suspected of being actually owned by Mr. K. It was established in 2019 and entered the bio industry in 2020. Chairman K’s younger sister is the largest shareholder and representative. Park Min-young’s older sister, P, is a researcher at the National University of Singapore who studies infectious diseases.

Also on the 29th, it was reported that Park Min-young’s sister was involved in his business. In response, Hook Entertainment, the agency of the agency, told Xports News the day before, “Park Min-young is currently filming for the drama ‘Mon-Wednesday, Gold-Tuesday, Mok-Sat.’

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