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“I stole my friend’s boyfriend..” Son Dam-bi, Jung Ryeo-won, who lost a stop, re-examined the ‘triangle relationship’


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The rumors of loss of loss between actors Son Dam-bi and Jung Ryeo-won, who are famous for being best friends, have heated up the Internet. Recently, the unexpected situation of Son Dam-bi and Jung Ryeo-won has been reported, and rumors of their discord and the reason are being re-examined.

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Actor Jung Ryeo-won is known as Son Dam-bi’s best friend. They have shared memories they shared with each other on Instagram, etc., and have been showing off their friendship by appearing on various TV shows together. In addition, each of them has maintained a strong loyalty to the point of going on a trip together with their mother.

In particular, Son Dam-bi appeared on the MBC entertainment program ‘I Live Alone’, which aired in April 2020, and invited Jung Ryeo-won to her house, drawing a picture of them spending the day together. In addition, Son Dam-bi also expressed that Jung Ryeo-won is “a friend and a love”.

The friendship between the two, which seemed unbreakable, is broken in an instant. Representative cases include the ‘Nam Tae-hyun controversy’ and the ‘fake fisherman fraud case’.

Son Dam-bi, Jung Ryeo-won Reason for Losing Loss

photo = online community
photo = online community

In 2017, rumors broke out that Son Dam-bi and Nam Tae-hyun, a former member of the boy group Winner, were dating Jung Ryeo-won. It became a big issue when a video of the two of them, who looked like a couple, was released.

In response, Nam Tae-hyun and Son Dam-bi denied the dating rumors, saying, “We are really close older sisters.” Son Dam-bi also explained, “It was because Nam Tae-hyun and Nam Tae-hyun had to be face-to-face in order to appear in an animal video, and they are not lovers.”

However, when it was revealed that Nam Tae-hyun was dating Jung Ryeo-won in the past, the controversy did not stop. Nam Tae-hyun has also been rumored to be dating her Son Dam-bi and her best friend Jeong Ryeo-won several times since 2016.

photo = online community
photo = online community

A woman’s hand with a ring appeared on Nam Tae-hyun’s SNS, and Nam Tae-hyun was wrapped in a blanket, so a lot of attention was paid to the identity of the woman in the photo. Netizens usually caught a picture of Jung Ryeo-won wearing a ring of thread on her left hand, raising questions about whether the two are dating.

In addition, it was reported that Nam Tae-hyun visited the filming site of Jung Ryeo-won and waited for Jeong Ryeo-won until dawn. Jung Ryeo-won’s side explained, “It’s not true. The movie ‘Gate’ starring Jung Ryeo-won is in the final stages of filming, so Son Dam-bi and Nam Tae-hyun, as well as acquaintances, have visited the site to cheer.”

When Jung Ryeo-won denied the dating rumors with Nam Tae-hyun, many netizens expressed their opinion, “It seems that Son Dam-bi is denying that he was dating because he stole his boyfriend.”

Photo = H&Entertainment
Photo = H&Entertainment

While evidence of Jung Ryeo-won and Nam Tae-hyun’s dating is pouring in, Son Dam-bi and Jung Ryeo-won’s loss of loss were also confirmed at Son Dam-bi’s wedding.

The time when their friendship was known to have been cracked was when the news that Son Dam-bi was involved in the so-called ‘fake fisherman fraud case’ became known last year.

It is reported that Kim, who is known to have scammed 10 billion won in the name of starting a squid business in Pohang, hired Son Dam-bi as an employee in 2019, and gave Son Dam-bi a Porsche/Fiat vehicle, as well as luxury clothes and bags several times.

photo = online community
photo = online community

Kim met Ryeo-Won Jeong through the introduction of Son Dam-Bi, and gave him a mini coupe car, and even repaid 50 million won that Son Dam-Bi borrowed from Jeong Ryeo-Won. Kim has also built a close relationship with Jeong Ryeo-won.

When it became known that the business planned by Mr. Kim was ultimately a ‘fraud’, it seems that their friendship was also broken. Son Dam-bi said that he returned all the gifts he received from Mr. Kim, and Jung Ryeo-won refuted that he never received the car.

After that, Son Dam-bi, Jung Ryeo-won, So-i, and Gong Hyo-jin completely lost communication. This is in stark contrast to the past, when friendships were shared on Instagram, etc.

photo = online community
photo = online community

As it is known that Jung Ryeo-won, Gong Hyo-jin, and So-i did not attend Son Dam-bi’s wedding, there is also speculation that their friendship has completely ended.

In particular, Gong Hyo-jin received a bouquet from Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin’s wedding on March 31 and announced her active participation, but did not even show up at Son Dam-bi’s wedding. It goes without saying that there were no simple congratulatory messages on Instagram or the like.

The remarks made by Son Dam-bi as she recalled this time appearing on the SBS entertainment program ‘Dongsang Imong’ also reinforced the rumors of discord.

Photo = SBS 'Dongsang Imong - You are my destiny'
Photo = SBS ‘Dongsang Imong – You are my destiny’

In SBS ‘Same Bed, Dream Season 2 – You are My Destiny’, which was broadcast on May 9, Son Dam-bi and Lee Gyu-hyuk were a preliminary couple.

In the broadcast that day, Son Dam-bi mentioned a time when he was implicated in the ‘fake fisherman’ scandal and suffered a lot, saying, “At that time, there was a very bad incident and I only drank for three months.”

On this day, Son Dam-bi confessed, “Thanks to my brother, the difficult parts were relieved a little, and at some point I was smiling.”

Son Dam-bi then shed tears, saying, “I didn’t know that I could depend on anyone, but thank you for coming to me first.”

Son Dam-bi, Jung Ryeo-won, Unexpected Current Status

Photo = MC 'I live alone'
Photo = MC ‘I live alone’

There are opinions that Son Dam-bi and Jung Ryeo-won’s stop loss news are ‘speculative’, but there is still no news that the two actors met recently, so the stop loss controversy still exists. Among them, Son Dam-bi and Jung Ryeo-won’s unexpected recent situation is being reported, attracting attention.

Recently, H& Entertainment announced the renewal of contract with Son Dam-bi. H& Entertainment said, “We are happy to continue our relationship with Son Dam Bi based on the trust we have built over a long period of time. As a good partner and supporter of actress Son Dam-bi, who can be active in various fields, I will help her to continue her various activities in the future.”

Just a month ago, Jung Ryeo-won also renewed her contract with H& Entertainment. At the time, some netizens speculated, “Son Dam-bi is also close to renewing his contract, so maybe he will change his agency.” Because rumors circulated between the two. However, the contract renewal was completely different from the expectations of netizens.

Son Dam-bi posted on Instagram at the time when the rumors of stopping loss were first raised, “Thank you so much to my loved ones who came to the wedding. It was a really happy day. I’ll live happily ever after,” and “There are so many absurd words on a day like this. It is not true at all, so please do not misunderstand.” She indirectly denied the discord. It remains to be seen how their relationship will develop in the future.

Photo = MBC 'Show! Music Core'
Photo = MBC ‘Show! Music Core’

Meanwhile, Son Dam-bi debuted as a solo singer in 2007. After releasing several hit songs such as ‘Crazy’, ‘Saturday Night’, and ‘Queen’ for about 6 years, he completely turned into an actor after moving to his agency in 2015.

After entering Keyeast, which is famous for actor management, Son Dam-bi showed stable acting skills in the dramas he appeared in. Among them, the work that brought Son Dam-bi to her second heyday as an actress is KBS2’s ‘When the Camellia Blooms’.

Son Dam-bi took on the role of Choi Hyang-mi. Looking at her superficial appearance, she appears to be a simple character who has nothing to say, but deep inside, she is a person full of consideration and love for others.

Photo = KBS2 'When the Camellia Blooms'
Photo = KBS2 ‘When the Camellia Blooms’

He showed a good chemistry with Gong Hyo-jin, who played the main character ‘Dongbaek’, and received high praise from viewers saying, “Who would do it if it weren’t for Hyangmi Son Dam-bi?” And with this drama, Son Dam-bi won the Newcomer Award at the KBS Drama Awards.

Son Dam-bi, who has been taking a break from her work after ‘When the Camellia Blooms’, is currently working all-in on entertainment programs. She recently finished her career as an MC for ENA’s ‘Cance, Not a Cance’, and after marrying Lee Kyu-hyuk, she is appearing in SBS’ representative couple entertainment ‘Same as Sangsang Imong – You are my destiny’.

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