The truth of ‘spawning a younger wife’ that made Park Soo-hong an extreme choice “to use it for money”

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During the broadcast, Park Soo-hong brought out the story of his wife and moved him greatly, making it a topic of discussion. As a result, rumors of Park Soo-hong’s wife’s chaebol sponsorship are re-examined, and the truth of the incident is revealed.

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On the afternoon of July 16th, Park Soo-hong, on MBN’s ‘Dongchimi’, said, “Isn’t it a case of a really good marriage?” “Today (theme song) isn’t ‘Marriage Saved Me'” and “I really saved my life.” said.

On this day, Park Soo-hong mentioned a dispute with his family. Park Soo-hong, who was betrayed by his older brother, who believed in him all his life, opened his mouth, saying, “I felt so guilty and painful enough to die. At that time, I thought, ‘I have to die.'”

Park Soo-hong, who suffered from the vicious harassment of his older brother and sister-in-law

photo = Yonhap News

photo = Yonhap News

Previously, Park Soo-hong’s older brother pretended not to spend the money that Park Soo-hong had earned over the past 30 years and pretended to be saving up for his younger brother, but behind the scenes, he and his wife separately accumulated the property and real estate in their name. has been embezzled.

Also, when Park Soo-hong was suffering from image damage caused by false facts such as malicious comments, it was revealed that one of the malicious commenters was his brother-in-law’s best friend, and it shocked me once again.

At that time, false rumors continued to spread, such as “The cat rescue story is a lie”, “I paid money to buy an abandoned cat”, and “Park Soo-Hong made his brother’s trash even after he wore clothes to his brother’s rent.”

Photo = YouTube 'President Lee Jin-ho'

Photo = YouTube ‘President Lee Jin-ho’

That was not enough, and even the ‘sponsorship rumor’ that Park Soo-hong’s wife had a secret relationship with “Chairman A” of a parent company to the point of going on a trip to Las Vegas became a hot topic.

In addition, an absurd rumor spread that Park Soo-hong took the ex-girlfriend of her best friend (President A) as his wife.

However, according to a YouTuber from the entertainment industry, Park Soo-hong and Mr. A only met briefly while participating in a volunteer activity at an orphanage, and it was revealed that Park Soo-hong’s wife and Mr.

Photo = YouTube 'President Lee Jin-ho'

Photo = YouTube ‘President Lee Jin-ho’

From Park Soo-hong’s point of view, Mr. A has only met twice in his life, and rumors spread that the two are best friends. The reporter then revealed that the reason for the absurd claim that Park Soo-hong took her best friend’s ex-girlfriend as her wife was because of one picture.

The photo that Park Soo-Hong and Chairman A took together was not even Park Soo-Hong himself, but was taken by Park Soo-Hong’s older brother. In addition, it is said that it was Park Soo-hong’s older brother who introduced Chairman A to Park Soo-hong.

A former entertainment journalist YouTuber who found out about this fact added that if it were true that his older brother was involved in the background of the rumor, it would have a huge impact.

The wife who saved him after making an extreme choice

photo = MBN

photo = MBN

It is said that Park Soo-hong had the same thoughts as “I have to die because I can’t accept it” in response to such excessive bullying by his older brother and sister-in-law.

Park Soo-hong said, “If you cross the line that a person can handle, don’t you think that you can die quickly and without suffering in any place? At the time, I was worried about that too.” So I thought I could just keep going up the mountain and pass out in one shot.”

At the time when he was constantly hiking to end his life, it was none other than Park Soo-hong’s wife who saved Park Soo-hong.

photo = MBN

photo = MBN

He continued, “One day, my girlfriend, who was my girlfriend at the time, couldn’t call me and there were signs from before, so I was 30 minutes away from my house. “Why is this?

He said that he had spoken harsher words to his wife who was concerned about him at the time.

Park Soo-hong said, “I was like, ‘Why are you like this? When I said, ‘Are you doing this to use me for my money too?’, my girlfriend said to me, ‘What kind of money do you have left, why do you do this to people who are afraid of dying? I kept saying, ‘What is your purpose?’ and I just pushed it away.”

photo = MBN

photo = MBN

He continued, “(Even after hearing those words) my wife tried to save me. (With her wife) I can live.”

Park Soo-hong explained, “My wife said that after time passed, I was really afraid that I would die, so it was very pitiful and scary.”

He said that his wife also suffered from stress and suffered from stress-related hair loss, saying, “Meeting Da Hong-i (my cat) and my wife in my life has saved my life. This is sincere and I will live as long as I can.”

photo = MBN

photo = MBN

Not only that, Park Soo-hong’s wife said that she tried to make Park Soo-hong laugh even though she received a lot of misunderstandings such as “sponsorship rumors”. It is said that when Park Soo-hong looked difficult, he purposely comforted him by dancing cutely.

Park Soo-hong, wanting to live with such a wife, confessed, “I also selfishly asked to marry for the first time in my life.”

Most of the netizens reacted to this, saying, “My wife is like an angel sent by God”, “I am so grateful to have met Da Hong and a warm wife”, and “It feels like fate and inevitable that my wife and Da Hong met at that time”. is showing

photo = online community

photo = online community

Meanwhile, Park Soo-hong, born in 1970, is a 53-year-old South Korean comedian, broadcaster, and businessman who loves animals.

After debuting with the 7th KBS open recruitment comedians through the 1st KBS College Comedy Festival in 1991, he was active as a four-member group of potato goals and gained great popularity at the idol level to such an extent that he even formed a fan club of girls with his tall height and good looks.

As a member of Jo Club, he is famous for being close friends in the entertainment industry along with Yoo Jae-seok, Ji Suk-jin, Kim Yong-man, and Kim Su-yong. He is called the gentleman of the gag world, and from the 1990s to the 2000s, he was recognized as a top MC for his gentle and comfortable progress.

Recently, he has been actively communicating with his fans by running a YouTube channel named ‘Blackcat Dahong’ with 558,000 subscribers.

Park Soo-hong married a non-celebrity woman 23 years younger than her in July last year.

He is currently in a legal dispute with his older brother, Park, who was the representative of the agency. Park Soo-hong revealed that his brother-in-law embezzled the performance fee in March of last year, and on April 5 of the same year, sued his brother and sister-in-law for embezzlement, and sued them for damages worth 11.6 billion won.

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