The final chapter of the ‘youngest son of a conglomerate family’ succession war, the ending of a reverse drama written by Song Joong-ki

The final chapter of the ‘youngest son of a conglomerate family’ succession war, the ending of a reverse drama written by Song Joong-ki
The final chapter of the ‘youngest son of a conglomerate family’ succession war, the ending of a reverse drama written by Song Joong-ki


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The ‘youngest son of a chaebol family’ has entered the final stage of the succession war.

JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘The youngest son of chaebol’ (script Kim Tae-hee/director Dae-yoon Jeong) revealed the last point to watch ahead of the end on the 23rd.

The death of Jin Yang-cheol (Lee Seong-min) brought about a huge tectonic shift in the Sunyang family. Jin Do-joon (Song Joong-ki), who seemed to be pushed out of the succession structure without inheriting anything, dealt a fatal blow to Sunyang with an unconventional move to bring down the establishment of a holding company. At that moment, the existence of Sunyang Micro, the true legacy of Jin Yang-cheol, appeared in front of Jin Do-joon, showing the connection between the previous life and this life, giving a strong shock. There is a lot of interest in Jin Do-joon’s fight, which is unpredictable until the end. Therefore, before entering the final episode, we have pointed out the last point of observation that should not be missed.

◆ Empty Throne → Growing Desire, Will Song Joong-ki Become the Owner of Sunyang, Following Lee Seong-min?

The will that Jin Yang-cheol revised right before he passed away had a big impact on everyone. It was because of his choice not to leave anything to Jin Do-joon, whom he loved so much. On the other hand, this rather became a catalyst that stimulated Jin Do-joon. Jin Do-joon, who was deprived of the CEO position, nullified the establishment of the holding company itself by bringing down Jin Yang-cheol, who had already passed away. He also used the Sunyang card as bait to swallow the money of the brothers Jin Young-gi (Yun Je-moon) and Dong-ki (Jo Han-cheol) at once. In this way, along with the unstoppable rush towards the Sunyangga, his growing desire is heightening the sense of crisis. On the other hand, the image of Jin Do-joon discovering a trajectory that never intersects between himself, who inherited wealth, and Yun Hyun-woo (Song Joong-ki), who inherited poverty, was also portrayed. Attention is focusing on what kind of changes this realization will bring and whether he will be able to become the owner of Sunyang at the last moment.

◆ The reappearance of Sunyang Micro, the secret of returning between blessing and nightmare

The link between the previous life and the present life brought about by the reappearance of Sunyang Micro is also a point to watch. Sunyang Micro was the direct cause of Yoon Hyeon-woo’s death in his previous life. Because he was abandoned by a purebred family in a foreign country where he left to find the slush funds of this paper company. However, the fact that Sunyang Micro was actually a legacy of Jin Yang-cheol, left to Jin Do-joon, gave an unexpected twist. What is the secret of regression behind all of this? Curiosity is amplified at the ending that the second round of life between blessing and nightmare will lead.

◆ The relationship between Song Joong-ki and Shin Hyun-bin, who met again as a suspect and a prosecutor

Jin Do-joon and Seo Min-yeong (Shin Hyun-bin) became lovers after overcoming a mixed relationship during college. However, the gap between the third generation of chaebols and prosecutors was not narrow. Seo Min-young felt betrayed by the fact that Jin Do-joon let Lee Pil-ok (Kim Hyeon), who had taught her to murder, escape, and in return she received a stake in Sunyang Life Insurance. Jin Do-joon tries to convince him that if he is appointed CEO, he will no longer disappoint. However, Seo Min-young left only the chilling words, “You’ll get worse. You’ll want to keep that position.” The released trailer adds curiosity by showing the two people meeting as the prosecutor and the suspect again following the New Data Technology incident. I wonder if Seo Min-young’s unfortunate warning has come true or the direction of their relationship.

Meanwhile, episodes 15 and 16 of ‘The youngest son of a chaebol house’ will be broadcast on the 24th and 25th at 10:30 pm. Today, episode 14 will be rebroadcast.

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