The forbidden word in Lee Yong-sik’s family is ‘daughter Lee Su-min’s boyfriend’… “I cry when you talk about marriage”

The forbidden word in Lee Yong-sik’s family is ‘daughter Lee Su-min’s boyfriend’… “I cry when you talk about marriage”
The forbidden word in Lee Yong-sik’s family is ‘daughter Lee Su-min’s boyfriend’… “I cry when you talk about marriage”

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Comedian Lee Yong-sik strongly opposed the dating and marriage of his daughter Lee Soo-min.

Lee Soo-min, Lee Yong-sik’s daughter, and Won-hyeok Won-hyeok, the daughter of Lee Yong-sik, joined as new lovers in the TV Chosun (TV CHOSUN) entertainment show ‘Lovers of Joseon’, which aired on the afternoon of the 23rd, and revealed their story.

The 5th episode of ‘Lovers of Joseon’ recorded an audience rating of 4.6% (based on Nielsen Korea nationwide paid households) and 0.5% target audience rating of 2549 (based on the metropolitan area). The highest viewership rating per minute recorded 6.7%, ranking first overall in the same time zone of comprehensive programming channels.

On this day’s broadcast, Lee Soo-min, the daughter of Lee Yong-sik, a national comedian and famous for his ‘daughter fool’, applied for a direct appearance and revealed the story of the introduction of the prospective son-in-law. Trot 2 performer and musical actor Won Hyuk, and Lee Soo-min, who has been in a relationship for two years, said that her father was vehemently refusing to talk about her boyfriend, so she needed help and looked for a ‘Joseon Lover’.

At the recommendation of Soo-min Lee’s mother, Won-hyeok went out to ‘Mr. Trot 2’ to publicly propose to Lee Yong-sik, who loves trot, but he was still far from meeting Lee Yong-sik. Lee Soo-min said, “Once my father talks about marriage, he cries.” “The forbidden words in the family were ‘boyfriend’ and ‘date’, and when I said we were going on a date, my father checked the phone saying, ‘Why do you use such provocative words?’ I cut it off”, conveying the situation of a father who is seriously avoiding his daughter’s marriage. However, Lee Soo-min said, “On days when I have a hard time, I come in the morning and massage his feet.” They are soul mates,” he said, expressing his affection and love for his father.

Lee Yong-sik also directly explained the moment when he had a dramatic encounter with his daughter’s boyfriend, Won-hyuk. He revealed that even though he only saw Won-hyeok’s silhouette, he was so shocked that he got into a taxi and couldn’t tell where he was going. Lee Yong-sik, who has difficulty meeting a boyfriend, and Lee Su-min, who wants to formally introduce her boyfriend, and the production team’s efforts have begun.

In the car on the way to the filming set with his father, Lee Soo-min quarreled over a story about his boyfriend and expressed his regrets to each other. Lee Yong-sik confessed his distress, saying, “When I go down the street, everyone seems to be your boyfriend,” and Lee Su-min said, “There is no father like you.” I do,” he confessed. However, Lee Yong-sik replied, “I want to meet secretly,” and showed a reaction that he didn’t want to know. The heated battle between father and daughter did not break down the wall in Lee Yong-sik’s mind.

During the recording of another broadcast between father and daughter that followed, Lee Yong-sik even made NG several times, clearly feeling the aftermath of the conversation he had with his daughter just before. Even after the recording was over, her boyfriend Won Hyuk arrived at the parking lot to pick up Lee Su-min, creating an even more tense situation. Whether they were able to face each other will be revealed in episode 6 next week.

Meanwhile, the wedding dress shop tour of Park Soo-hong and Kim Da-ye, the new bride, was also revealed. Waiting for Da-ye Kim to wear the dress with a trembling heart, Park Soo-hong laughed, and Da-ye Kim showed off her powerful image before the show, saying, “Don’t cry, honey.” When the first dress was released, Park Soo-hong showed off her lover-like side by saying, “Honey is like a jewelry box.”

Afterwards, Park Su-hong continued the luxury reaction of taking pictures passionately without missing a shutter chance until the curtain closed. Soon after, Park Soo-hong’s manager and Noh Jong-eon, who are like family members, joined, and the atmosphere became more friendly. In response to Park Soo-hong’s excessive reaction, Seong-guk Choi said, “You shouldn’t go out like this. Because of Suhong, I look a little cold… ” he grumbled. In response, Park Kyung-rim asked a sharp question, “What did her wife say?” Choi Seong-guk replied, “That’s right,” and “I heard why your brother isn’t so kind.”

‘Joseon Lover’ is broadcast every Monday at 10:00 pm.

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