‘Determination to break up’ Oscar nomination failed… “Forcibly rejected”

‘Determination to break up’ Oscar nomination failed… “Forcibly rejected”
‘Determination to break up’ Oscar nomination failed… “Forcibly rejected”

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Director Park Chan-wook’s film ‘Decision to Break Up’ failed to make it to the Oscars finalists.

‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’, a sci-fi film starring Asian actors, was nominated for 11 nominations.

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Oscar finalists announced live online.

Director Park Chan-wook’s ‘Decision to Break Up’, which knocked on the Oscar door three years after ‘Parasite’, was not listed.

It was included in the 15 preliminary nominations released in December of last year, but did not make it to the final nominations, and five films were selected for the International Feature Film category: ‘Argentina 1985’, ‘Close’, ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’, ‘The Silent Girl’ and ‘EO’. .

It was also evaluated as an abnormality in foreign media.

The Associated Press questioned, “One of the biggest surprises this year was that the ‘decision to break up’ was excluded from the nomination,” and Business Insider said, “Some people said it was the academy’s insistence,” conveying the mood of movie fans.

The sci-fi film ‘Srishing Everywhere All at Once’, starring Asian actors, was nominated for 11 nominations in 10 categories, including work, direction, and editing.

Liang Zichong (Yang Ziqing), who starred in this film, was the first Asian actor to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress.

The German antiwar film ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ and Martin McDonna’s ‘Banshee in Inisherin’ are also competing fiercely with nine nominations each.

In addition to this year’s Oscar for Best Picture, director Steven Spielberg’s autobiographical film ‘The Fableman’ and ‘Tar’ about the first female chief conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic are also considered strong candidates.

In addition, Angela Bassett of ‘Black Panther’ was the first Marvel movie actress to be nominated for an acting award and drew attention.

The Academy Awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on March 12th.

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