BTS, all solo Billboard ‘Hot 100’ entry… New Jeans 2nd entry

BTS, all solo Billboard ‘Hot 100’ entry… New Jeans 2nd entry
BTS, all solo Billboard ‘Hot 100’ entry… New Jeans 2nd entry

K-pop 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation groups such as ‘BIGBANG’, ‘BTS’ and ‘New Jeans’ wrote their own records side by side on the US Billboard’s main single chart ‘Hot 100’.

According to Billboard and Twitter on the 24th (local time), Taeyang (35, Dong Young-bae), a member of Big Bang, the representative boy group of the 2nd generation of K-pop, and Jimin (28, Jimin Park), a member of BTS, the representative boy group of the 3rd generation of K-pop, collaborated on the song “VIBE”. )’ debuted at number 76 on the ‘Hot 100’ chart on the 28th.

This is the first time Taeyang entered the ‘Hot 100’. This is the first time as a BIGBANG team or among BIGBANG members.

Previously, Jimin ranked 87th on the chart with the solo song ‘Filter’ on the 4th regular album ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ released in February 2020 by BTS. have ever As a BTS team, it has entered this chart several times. However, this is the first time he entered the chart as a solo artist.

Accordingly, all seven members of BTS entered the ‘Hot 100’ as soloists.

J-Hope’s ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’, which he collaborated with American singer and actor Becky G, ranked 81st on ‘Hot 100’ and was the double title song of ‘Jack in the Box’. It ranked 82nd with the pre-release song ‘MORE’ and 96th with ‘Arson’.

Suga (Agust D) ranked 76th with ‘Daechwita’, the title track of ‘D-2’, and featured on the late American rapper Juice WRLD’s album ‘Fighting Demons’ The b-side song ‘Girl of My Dreams’ ranked 29th, and ‘That That’, a collaboration with Hallyu star PSY of ‘Gangnam Style’, ranked 80th.
V ranked 79th with the SBS TV drama ‘That Year We’ OST ‘Christmas Tree’. Jungkook ranked 95th with her Hive original webcomic OST ‘Stay Alive’ and 22nd with ‘Left & Right’, a collaboration with American singer-songwriter and producer Charlie Puth. Jungkook’s solo song ‘My Time’, also featured in ‘Map of the Soul: 7’, was ranked 84th. Jin’s first official solo single was ‘The Astronaut’, a collaboration with Britpop band ‘Coldplay’, which peaked at number 51.

RM is the title song of his first official solo album ‘Indigo’ released last month, and ‘Wildflower View’, featuring vocalist Cho Yoo-jin of the band ‘Cherry Filter’, ranked 83rd.

Previously, ‘Vibe’ was predicted to enter the top charts around the world, such as topping the worldwide song chart of iTunes, a global music streaming platform, immediately after its release. Along with the US Billboard, the British (UK) Official Chart, which leads to the world’s two largest pop charts, recently (20-26) debuted at number 96 on the Top 100 singles chart.

‘Vibe’ is the first song Taeyang released after moving his agency to The Black Label, and it got off to a good start. Jimin releases her first solo record in February. She had to warm up properly before she did this.
Syndrome girl group ‘New Jeans’ entered the chart with another song a week after debuting on ‘Hot 100’.

The title song ‘OMG’ of the same name of the first single ‘OMG’ released on the 2nd entered ‘Hot 100’ on the 28th at 91st place. This is the second entry on the chart following the pre-released song ‘Dito’ of ‘OMG’, which debuted at number 96 last week. It is also the highest record of New Jeans’ ‘Hot 100’ itself.

In particular, New Jeans entered the ‘Hot 100’ within 6 months of their debut with ‘Dito’, becoming the fastest K-pop group in history to enter this chart, and immediately became the fastest K-pop singer to have more than two songs on the chart.

In particular, it is the third K-pop group to have more than two songs on the ‘Hot 100’ after ‘BTS’ and ‘Blackpink’.


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