Cho Hye-ryun’s daughter “After my parents’ divorce, I feel like I’m unnecessary” (‘Golden Counseling Center’)

Cho Hye-ryun’s daughter “After my parents’ divorce, I feel like I’m unnecessary” (‘Golden Counseling Center’)
Cho Hye-ryun’s daughter “After my parents’ divorce, I feel like I’m unnecessary” (‘Golden Counseling Center’)

[스포츠조선닷컴 이지현 기자] Dr. Oh Eun-young’s list of ‘reconciliation’ solutions will be released.

Today (25th) at 10:50 p.m., Channel A’s ‘Oh Eun-young’s Gold Counseling Center’ has a special feature on ‘Family Reconciliation’ that you want to see again! A collection of ‘Choi Yang-rak & Paeng Hyeon-sook’, ‘Cho Hye-ryeon & Kim Yoon-a’, and ‘Mija & Jeon Seong-ae’ collection .ZIP will be broadcast.

The original comedian couple, Choi Yang-rak ♥ Paeng Hyeon-suk, ask for couples counseling for the first time after 34 years of marriage and face Dr. Oh Eun-young. Yang-Rak Choi accused her wife, Hyeon-Suk Paeng, saying, “Her wife Hyeon-Sook Paeng is very arrogant!”, Hyeon-Suk Paeng revealed her concern, “Her husband is so hot-tempered,” and she started the prelude to the so-called ‘Paeng-Rak couple’ war. inform

His wife, Paeng Hyeon-suk, said, “The reason I changed is because of my husband Yang-rak Choi, and complained about my husband’s troubles. Then, Yang-rak Choi’s stubborn atrocities (?) are revealed to the whole world. Dr. Oh Eun-young analyzes Yang-rak Choi’s stubborn psychology in detail, Hyeon-suk Paeng, who has been suffering for decades due to her stubbornness, comforts Hyeon-suk Paeng, who has been suffering for decades. In addition, Hyun-suk Paeng continues to complain that she has not received any reply from Yang-rak Choi, despite writing seven letters to express her feelings whenever she hates her husband. Catch that communication has been cut off by the biting and tearing conversation method of two people, and Dr. Oh Eun-young’s table of reconciliation solution proceeds.

The next customer is Cho Hye-ryeon and Kim Yoon-ah, who are suffering from divorce, and come to the counseling center. Her mother, Jo Hye-ryeon, expresses her shocking concern that her daughter is uncomfortable. In response, her daughter Kim Yoon-a confessed that “after her parents’ divorce, she felt unprotected”, adding that she “felt that she was not needed.” Her mother Jo Hye-ryeon, who confirmed her daughter’s inner feelings that she had never heard before, looks somewhat shocked, and she confesses her heart at the time.

Dr. Oh Eun-young analyzes the two people’s temperaments through a simple ‘Echoist’ check, and advises that two mothers and daughters with different temperaments need to make efforts to understand each other in order to get along well. Her mother, Jo Hye-ryun, said, “I never knew Yoona would think like this,” shedding tears of her apology.

Then, married daughter Mi-ja VS mother-in-law Jeon Seong-ae visits Dr. Oh Eun-young with a dream of a mother-daughter childbirth. Mija, the new bride, said, “Whenever she emphasizes virginity before marriage, it is embarrassing that her mother suddenly puts pressure on her to give birth.” In response, Jeon Seong-ae, the mother, countered, “It’s all she can say as her own mother,” and she said, “I just did sex education for her daughter as her parent.”

On the other hand, mother Jeon Seong-ae reveals her worries as a mother, saying, “I tell my daughter everything, but she doesn’t talk, so I’m sad.” Mija, who has heard the same words hundreds of times, honestly confesses that she is “burdened to listen.” In response, Dr. Oh Eun-young analyzed the cause of her mother’s jeonseong-ae repeating the same story hundreds of times. Jeon Seong-ae bursts out the resentment she has lived in her heart all her life, confirms her heart that she did not know between her mother and daughter, and achieves a warm reconciliation with her.

Expectations are high on what the special reconciliation solution of Dr. Oh Eun-young’s table will be, which really made the family in crisis stick together again.

I want to see it again, ‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Side Counseling Center’ and ‘Family Reconciliation’ special feature. ‘Choi Yang-rak & Paeng Hyeon-sook couple’, ‘Jo Hye-ryeon & Kim Yoon-ah’, ‘Mija & Jeon Sung-ae’ collection.ZIP will be broadcast on Channel A at 10:50 pm on Wednesday, January 25th.

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