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Fifty Fifty Aran, today’s surgery “successfully completed”

Fifty Fifty Aran, today’s surgery “successfully completed”
Fifty Fifty Aran, today’s surgery “successfully completed”

Fifty Fifty Arran. Reporter Park Jong-minAran, a member of the group FIFTY FIFTY, which is enjoying incredible popularity by entering both the US Billboard’s main single chart ‘Hot 100’ and the UK Official Singles Chart ‘Top 100’ for 5 consecutive weeks, underwent surgery.

On the evening of the 2nd, the agency Attract posted a notice on the official fan cafe, saying, “Recently, Aran felt uncomfortable while practicing choreography during ‘The Beginning: Cupid’ album promotion, so he went to the hospital to receive medical treatment and undergo a thorough examination. He has been receiving treatment while active, but according to the results of a recent detailed examination, he received the opinion of a specialist that he needed surgery for a speedy recovery.”

Aran, Aran’s parents, and the agency discussed for a long time whether to participate in this album activity, and Aran’s will was strong, so he participated in the line that did not put strain on his health, the agency explained.

Attract said, “The decision was made after sufficient discussion for long-term activities, and the surgery was performed on the morning of Tuesday, May 2. The surgery was successfully completed, and the artist is currently resting and resting. will prioritize the medical staff’s opinion and the artist’s recovery, and proceed with future activities.”

“We apologize for causing concern to the fans with the sudden announcement, and we will do our best for Aran’s treatment and recovery so that he can meet Honeyz (official fandom name) in good health as soon as possible.” .

Aran is a member of Fifty Fifty, a 4-member female idol group that debuted in November of last year. Fifty Fifty is the title song ‘Cupid’ of the single ‘The Beginning: Cupid’ released in February of this year. It has achieved good results and is receiving great love.

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