‘Bewitched at Cannes’ Jeong Jeong-Jeong Jeon Yeo-Bin Dress Firework Showdown ‘Spider’s House’ 10-minute standing ovation (Cannes Film Festival)

[칸(프랑스)=뉴스엔 글 이재환 기자/사진 정유진 기자]


At the red carpet of the World Premiere of ‘The Spider’s House’, the final order of Korean films at the film festival, the competition of actresses in fiery dresses heated up Cannes.

The new film directed by Kim Jee-woon and starring Song Kang-ho, who won the Best Actor Award at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, was released for the first time in Cannes and received enthusiastic cheers and applause.

The movie ‘The Spider’s Nest’ was invited to the non-competitive section of the 76th Cannes International Film Festival. On May 25 (local time) at 10:30 pm, the veil was taken off at the Lumiere Grand Theater in downtown Cannes, France.

Prior to the premiere, actors Kang-ho Song, Soo-jung Lim, Jeong-se Oh, Yeo-bin Jeon, Jeong Su-jeong, Young-nam Jang, and Jung-soo Park, as well as director Kim Ji-woon of “The Spider’s House,” stepped on the red carpet.

What caught my eye in particular was the dresses of Jeong Su-jeong (singer Krystal) and Jeon Yeo-bin, Lim Su-jeong. Lim Su-jeong drew attention with purple, Jeong Su-jeong pink, and Jeon Yeo-bin with white dresses.

The movie ‘The Spider’s House’ depicts what happens in the 1970s, when director Kim (Song Kang-ho) believes that it will become a masterpiece if only the ending of the finished film is reshot, pushing the filming under adverse conditions such as censorship and actors and producers who do not understand the changes. Work. The movie drew attention with its unique device of being a movie within a movie and the passionate performances of the actors.

In particular, when the film’s ending credits went up that day, the audience all stood up from their seats and gave a standing ovation for about 10 minutes.

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