Hwasa, amidst the sensationalism controversy, is exposed again with confidence…Sincere advice from Lee Hyo-ri

Hwasa, amidst the sensationalism controversy, is exposed again with confidence…Sincere advice from Lee Hyo-ri
Hwasa, amidst the sensationalism controversy, is exposed again with confidence…Sincere advice from Lee Hyo-ri

Singer Hwasa has recently been embroiled in a sensational controversy on stage at a college festival, but she is walking her own path confidently with unconventional exposure in American performances without being conscious of it. Among them, singer Lee Hyo-ri’s sincere advice to Hwa-sa, who is active in her career, is attracting attention.

Hwasa is currently on the Americas tour for Mamamoo’s first world tour since debut, ‘MAMAMOO WORLD TOUR ‘MY CON’, and her unconventional performance at the Nashville concert held on the 22nd (local time) is becoming a hot topic online.

On this day, Hwasa, wearing a cowboy hat and a black crop top and jeans, performed a performance showing a bralette worn under her clothes by lifting her top in her part during the stage of ‘If You’re Speaking of Me’, and the audience was on the hot stage of Hwasa. They cheered loudly.

As videos and photos containing the scene spread rapidly around social media, netizens’ attention was focused.

Previously, Hwasa was embroiled in controversy over sensationalism for her unconventional performance on the festival stage held at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul on the 12th, but as if she was not aware of it, she continued her bold performance in the US performance.

What caused controversy at the college festival was a performance in which Hwasa sat with her legs apart during the stage of “Don’t Give Up” and then brought her hand with acupuncture to a specific body part. After the performance, Hwasa’s performance fancam video spread through online communities, and some netizens pointed out that it was sensational.

On the other hand, there are responses that criticizing that it is only part of the performance and that it is sensational is excessive. It was a stage for adult college students, just like singers show off an unconventional stage at a concert.

After this controversy continued, on the 18th, a video titled ‘Hwasa can’t stand it!’ was posted on tvN’s ‘Dance Singer’s Wandering Troupe’ channel, and the situation seemed to break through the controversy head-on. While talking about BoA’s outfit concept in the video, Uhm Jung-hwa said, “I think it would look cool even with a net.” BoA said, “These unnies are scary,” and Kim Wan-seon laughed, saying, “Take it off right away.”

In response, Hwasa said, “Once with the Prodigal Girls,” and everyone cheered and liked it. Afterwards, Hwasa and Lee Hyo-ri showed off a hot dance in order not to be defeated. Also, Hyo-ri Lee said, “Hwa-sa wants to do a striptease,” and Hwa-sa declared, “We will be debauched.”

And in ‘Dance Singer’s Wandering Troupe’, which aired on the 25th, it was revealed that the members were talking while moving on a bus to stand on the stage of the Jinhae Palace Festival. Hyo-ri Lee said to Boa, who had her concert the day before, “I looked for Boa’s concert well, and she was a baby to us, but the fans wrote, ‘Thank you for being in my youth. BoA said, “When I think about it, I was always next to my sister when I was active,” and “It seems like we might be on the same page of someone’s youth,” she said.

In response, Hyo-ri Lee said to Hwa-sa, who is actively working in the music industry, “Hwa-sa is ing now, so I have to do well” and “People will think after hearing my songs later. Then?” she gave heartfelt advice.

While Hwasa is at the center of the issue as controversy over sensationalism continues to arise, Hyo-ri Lee’s advice as a senior in the music industry draws more attention. /[email protected]

[사진] OSEN DB, tvN ‘Dance Singer’s Wandering Troupe’ broadcast capture

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