Jang Shin-young, 17-year-old son “Father, Kang Kyung-jun, I am grateful that I can see the heart that takes care of me” (Shudol)

Jang Shin-young, 17-year-old son “Father, Kang Kyung-jun, I am grateful that I can see the heart that takes care of me” (Shudol)
Jang Shin-young, 17-year-old son “Father, Kang Kyung-jun, I am grateful that I can see the heart that takes care of me” (Shudol)

KBS2 ‘The Return of Superman’ father Kang Kyung-jun and 17-year-old Jeong-an gave a hearty feeling to a rich man who is like a friend who can rely on each other.

According to Nielsen Korea, an audience rating research institute, KBS2 2TV’s ‘The Return of Superman’, which aired on the 6th, episode 482 of ‘It’s Sunny Today’ because of you, recorded a national viewership rating of 3.7%, up 0.3%p from last week, recording an upward trend. . In particular, the highest viewer rating soared to 4.8%, and the scene where Kang Kyung-jun and Jang Shin-young kissed and hugged each other at a surprise wedding anniversary party for Kang Gyeong-jun and Jeong-an father and son recorded the highest viewer rating.

Kang Kyung-jun and Jeong-an’s father and son’s intimate time was revealed to add warmth, and Jen met Park Se-mi, ‘Seo Jun’s mom’, and burst into Jangkkumi, giving a sense of joy. Sunye participated as a special narrator and conveyed her happiness. ‘Mother of three daughters’ Sunye said, “My daughters don’t know that I used to be an idol. Why is my mother on TV?” She is curious,” she said, announcing the current status of her children. She formed a bond of parenting with So Yu-jin Sun-ye, and captivated her eyes and ears with her consistently affectionate narration.

Kang Gyeong-jun, Jeong An-Jung Woo’s three fathers continued their unplanned travel to Gangneung. Her mother, Jang Shin-young, was worried about the third father who couldn’t pack her extra clothes, so she rushed to Gangneung and her family of four gathered together. Due to 5-year-old Jeong-woo’s poor physical condition, Kang Kyung-jun and Jung-an enjoyed a private date. Kang Kyung-jun and Jung-an rode sea sky bikes and boasted of being friends in real life. They played a dynamic match like a man with a ‘arrive quickly’ confrontation with a wish. Jeong-an showed her passion by mobilizing all her facial muscles and won her father, Kang Gyeong-jun. Thanks to that, I was able to obtain a bicycle that I had made as a wish, and I enjoyed the joy of happiness in the world.

Kang Kyung-jun and Jung-an prepared a surprise party for Shin-young Jang’s 5th wedding anniversary. Kang Gyeong-jun and Jeong An rich man prepared mother Jang Shin-young’s favorite food and bouquet, as well as a handwritten letter with sincerity, and created warmth with all their heart. Jeong-an worked with her father, Kang Kyung-jun, to install candle rods and celebratory decorations. For the joy of her mother Jang Shin-yeong, Jeong-an captivated the hearts of the viewers with her uniqueness of helping her father, Kang Kyung-joon, even when her body was struggling. Jeong-an shyly appeared with her cake when her mother Jang Shin-young appeared, and Kang Kyung-jun transformed into a human garland and succeeded in her surprise party. Jang Shin-young expressed her gratitude to Kang Kyung-joon and her son Jeong-an with her loving embrace and conveyed her emotion. Kang Kyung-jun gave Jang Shin-young her children’s princess collection toy as a gift for her wedding anniversary, and Jung-an said, “It was airlifted from France,” and gave her a laugh with her one more joke. Kang Kyung-jun’s party, which was full of emotion and laughter, warmed up the home theater.

On the other hand, Kang Kyung-jun drew attention by revealing his sincerity about his 17-year-old son, Jeong-an. Kang Kyung-jun said, “I felt while traveling yesterday and today, Jung-an has grown a lot. Taking care of his younger brother, Jung-woo, and being good to his mother, Jang Shin-young, is just so pretty. I will have to spend more time with Jung-an in the future.” He expressed his emotion at the fact that 6-year-old Jeong-an, who had always thought he was young, grew up to be 17 years old and became a dependable son who takes good care of his mother and younger brother.

In response, Jung An confessed his adolescent son’s honest affection for his father, Kang Kyung-jun, saying, “It’s not enough, but I’m grateful that I can see the heart that takes care of me.” The strong family love between rich people who are like friends who depend on each other gave viewers a sense of touch.

On the other hand, Zen met Park Se-mi, ‘Seo Jun-mom’, and gave her the spicy taste of parenting in reality. After her mother, Sayuri, had polyps on her vocal cords and had to have surgery to remove them, ‘Seojun’s mother’ Park Semi came out in a situation where she had to refrain from talking. As Park Se-mi is active as her sub-character ‘Seo-Jun Mom’, she jumped into her Jen’s parenting with the self-confidence of a self-proclaimed parenting master.

As soon as Park Semi met Jen, he showed the strongest affinity. Jen showed off her cuteness with an angelic smile without shyness, even though she met Park Semimi’s stormy compliments for the first time. Jen, who was quietly drawing pictures with Park Se-mi, threw her tangerines all over the living room floor and unlocked her cabinet decorations. Park Se-mi sighs involuntarily in her sub-character ‘Seo-Jun Mam’, who is infinitely affectionate to her child, and summons her soul in her main character, causing her to burst into laughter. However, Zen again arranged the tangerines on her own and conveyed the pain and joy of her parenting with the charm of pushing and holding Park Se-mi’s heart.

Jen made a comeback with a mischievous side when Park Se-mi, ‘Seo Jun-mom’, is off guard. Park Se-mi looked at Jen dropping her colored pencil on the floor and said, “I think there are five of us, Seo-jun.” did. Her Jen used her living room floor as a drawing paper to draw her picture, and Park Se-mi chased after her Jen and wiped her floor, ending her true parenting ceremony with a tense battle between her spear and shield. However, Jen soon burst out with her lovely smile, and she gave her back hug to Park Se-mi, and she took a wet tissue with her bracken hand and cleaned it, becoming a powerful push-and-pull genius that can only be possessed. Jen’s appearance melted not only Park Se-mi’s heart, but also her viewers. Lastly, Park Semi challenged her to brush her teeth. Despite Sayuri’s request that brushing her teeth be difficult, Park Se-mi courageously stepped forward. However, Jen went around her house and avoided brushing her teeth, and Park Semi-mi said, “Sayuri-sister, help me,” and completely put down the ego of Seo-joon’s mother, knocking it down to endless parenting. While presenting the spiciness of real-life parenting with her wardrobe, her self-organizing self-organization and refreshing charms of her Jen’s colorful appearance gave healing to her viewers.

In response, various SNS and communities said, “Jung An is really proud and has grown up wonderfully”, “It’s touching to see Kang Kyung-jun and Jeong-an father and mother preparing a party for their mother”, “It’s so nice to see Jeong-an smiling”, “Jen’s strawberry outfit and hairpin are so cute. It’s fit and lovely”, “Zen’s laughter and aegyo will make the fatigue of parenting disappear at once”, etc., followed with affectionate reactions.

KBS2 The Return of Superman is broadcast every Tuesday at 8:30 pm.

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