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Musical ‘Benhur’ full cast revealed… “Park Eun-tae, Shin Sung-rok, Kyu-hyun, Yoon Gong-ju, Choi Ji-hye, etc. Appearance”

Musical ‘Benhur’ full cast revealed… “Park Eun-tae, Shin Sung-rok, Kyu-hyun, Yoon Gong-ju, Choi Ji-hye, etc. Appearance”
Musical ‘Benhur’ full cast revealed… “Park Eun-tae, Shin Sung-rok, Kyu-hyun, Yoon Gong-ju, Choi Ji-hye, etc. Appearance”

9.2~11.19, LG Art Center Seoul LG Signature Hall

[서울문화투데이 진보연 기자]The musical ‘Benhur’ has unveiled the entire cast lineup. On the 12th, EMK Musical Company (hereinafter referred to as EMK), the production company of the musical “Ben-Hur,” unveiled the entire casting lineup of Esther, Quintus, Miriam, Tirza, Simonites, Pilate, and Tito in the play following the roles of Ben-Hur and Messala. It opened the beginning of an epic journey.

The musical ‘Benhur’, which will be re-performed after about 3 years since 2019, announced the casting of Ben-Hur and Messala on the 7th, including Park Eun-tae, Shin Sung-rok, Kyu-hyun, Lee Ji-hoon, Park Min-seong, and Seo Kyung-soo.

The musical ‘Benhur’, which confirmed the cast lineup, including Gongju Yoon, Jeonghwa Lee, and Jihye Choi as Esther, Jeongyeol Lee and Kyungsoo Hong as Quintus, Jiyeon Han and Suhwa Ryu as Miriam, and Hyerin Jang and Eunsoo Moon as Tirja, is the pinnacle of stage art. will be presented.

Gongju Yoon, Junghwa Lee, and Jihye Choi will star in the role of Esther, the daughter of Simonites, who always stands by Ben-Hur, concerned about his vengeance.

Musical ‘Beethoven; Yoon Gong-ju, who continues to perform brilliantly beyond genres by starring in masterpieces such as ‘Beethoven Secret’, ‘Aida’ and ‘Chicago’, meets the audience with a more perfectly ripe ‘Yun Gong-ju Pyo Esther’. He plans to captivate his stage by expressing the affectionate yet strong character of Esther with a high synchro rate and delicate acting.

Lee Jung-hwa, who has shown her overwhelming vocal skills and charismatic acting as the lead in numerous musicals such as ‘Praise of Death’, ‘Gentleman’s Guide’, ‘Red Garden’, and ‘Bungee Jumping’, joins this season. Lee Jung-hwa, loved for her detailed emotional acting, is expected to not only lead her work more stably and deeply with her verified acting and singing skills, but also to capture the thoughtful and wise aspect of Esther.

Also, the musicals ‘Gwangju’, ‘Beethoven; Choi Ji-hye, who has been recognized as an emerging musical deity by appearing in large-scale musicals such as Beethoven Secret and Monte Cristo, will take the stage of ‘Benhur’. He is known to express Esther, who is pure yet firm about her love, with her innocent appearance, her outstanding singing ability, and her unique acting skills, adding to her expectations.

Lee Jeong-yeol and Hong Kyung-soo will take the stage as Quintus, the commander of the ship Ben-Hur will later serve as his adoptive father.

Lee Jeong-yeol, who has demonstrated his presence with excellent singing skills, plans to create a unique ‘Quinters’ with a rich and elegant voice and skillful acting. Hong Kyung-soo is expected to express the charm of the work richly with his unique sharp charisma.

Han Ji-yeon and Ryu Su-hwa are cast in the role of Ben-Hur’s mother, Miriam, and are expected to portray Miriam’s delicate and firm will on stage based on detailed emotional acting and unrivaled character analysis. In addition, Jang Hye-rin and Moon Eun-soo will appear in the role of Tirja, Ben-Hur’s younger sister, to show off their presence.

In addition, Lee Hee-jeong and Moon Seong-hyeok dominate the stage with their unique presence and charisma in Simonites role, Kim Dae-jong in Pilate role who catches the eye with their colorful charm, and Kong Dong-hwan and Cho Yong-hwi in Tito role.

The musical ‘Ben-Hur’ is based on Lou Wallace’s best-selling novel published in 1880, and is a work that captures the noble human story of hardship, adversity, love and devotion through the life of a man called ‘Jude Ben-Hur’. Directed by Wang Yong-beom, one of Korea’s leading directors with a delicate storyline, and composer Lee Seong-joon, who created dramatic melodies that seemed to fit the drama of the work, the musical ‘Benhur’ was premiered and reenacted in 2017, and became the ‘2nd Korean Musical’. After being nominated for a total of 11 categories at the ‘Musical Awards’, it won the Grand Prize, and was recognized for its workability, topicality, and popularity at the same time.

The work has been praised for capturing the essence of Korean musical technology by reproducing dynamic action, stage images using holograms, and thrilling chariot racing scenes, which are considered the highlight of the work, on stage.

Meanwhile, the musical ‘Benhur’, which unveiled the perfect casting lineup, will be performed at LG Art Center Seoul and LG Signature Hall from September 2nd.

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