Jerome “Divorced with ex-wife Bae Yoon-jung with a smile… ‘Don’t be a bird’ cheered me on”

Jerome “Divorced with ex-wife Bae Yoon-jung with a smile… ‘Don’t be a bird’ cheered me on”
Jerome “Divorced with ex-wife Bae Yoon-jung with a smile… ‘Don’t be a bird’ cheered me on”

/Photo = MBN’s ‘Doll Singles 4’ broadcast screen

Jerome, a former singer and VJ, shared the reaction of his ex-wife, choreographer Bae Yoon-jung, to his appearance in Stone Singles.

In MBN’s entertainment program ‘Dolsingles 4’, which aired on the 30th, the ‘reason for divorce’ was revealed as the first information of the dolsing men and women who gathered at the dolsing house in Cancun, Mexico.

/Photo = MBN’s ‘Doll Singles 4’ broadcast screen

On this day’s broadcast, Jerome said, “I applied for divorce after 2 years and 2 months of marriage.”

He laughed, saying, “Even though we were divorced, we lived together for a short time at the end.”

When Sora, a female performer, asked, “Where is the charter in the United States?”, Jerome replied, “I was in Korea. I got married in Korea.”

Jerome said, “We didn’t just break up badly, we decided to go our separate ways because our personalities didn’t match.”

He said, “(After the mediation period), shouldn’t we come to the divorce court after 30 days? Since we are going to divorce, there are people who fight and the atmosphere is bad. I saw it. They thought, ‘Are these guys here to get a divorce?’ When they called our number, they said ‘Yes!’ and stood next to each other, so we went and got a divorce.”

He continued, “When it was over, I also told (to my ex-wife), ‘I want you to be happy. I hope you find love’. I wanted that.”

After hearing this, MC Lee Hye-young responded, “It ended well,” and MC Lee Ji-hye said, “It’s the first time I’ve seen the reason for the divorce being talked about with a smile. But it’s nice that it’s comfortable rather than too painful.”

/Photo = MBN’s ‘Doll Singles 4’ broadcast screen

Jerome said, “I said that I was doing this (appearing in ‘Doll Singles’), but I had to get permission from (my ex-wife) in advance. They cheered, saying, “It would be nice.” They said they would watch it when it comes out.

He continued, “But (my ex-wife) knew that I was a little high-minded, so she said, ‘Don’t be a bird alone.’

Tom, a male performer, admired the story that his ex-wife supported Jerome’s new beginning, saying, “Oh, it’s really good.” MC Lee Hye-young, who was watching this, also smiled and said, “My ex-wife is cool,” and MC Yoo Se-yoon also responded, “I must be grateful to my ex-wife too.”

Meanwhile, Jerome is a member of X-Large, a group produced by Lula Lee Sang-min, and also worked as a VJ for a music channel in the past. He married choreographer Bae Yoon-jung in 2014, but divorced after two years. Bae Yoon-jung later married Seo Kyung-hwan, a soccer player 11 years younger than her, in 2019 and has a son.

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