‘Doll Singles 4’ Jerome’s job is an American bank clerk… Surprised by the reverse job

‘Doll Singles 4’ Jerome’s job is an American bank clerk… Surprised by the reverse job
‘Doll Singles 4’ Jerome’s job is an American bank clerk… Surprised by the reverse job

‘Doll Singles 4’ former cast members revealed
After leaving the entertainment industry, Jerome’s occupation was a bank teller in the United States.

The professions of the performers in ‘Doll Singles 4’ were revealed. MBN video capture

In MBN’s ‘Doll Singles 4′, the performers’ jobs were revealed. In particular, Jerome’s job garnered a lot of attention.

In the 4th episode of MBN’s love entertainment show ‘Dolsingles 4’, which aired on the 13th, 10 men and women from the United States, Dewey, Ricky, Benita, Sora, Jerome, Jimmy, Jisoo, Tom Harim, and Heejin, gathered at the ‘Dolsing House’ in Cancun, Mexico, on the second night of the second night. The appearance of opening a ‘job’ with information disclosure was unfolded.

Previously, Sora came forward as the first runner of the ‘Job Disclosure’ and announced that she was “working as the general manager of TikTok Marketing,” followed by Ricky introducing herself as an individual investor from MIT and Benita as the general manager of the clothing manufacturing industry. Jimmy, a former NYU student body president who completed his MBA course, said, “After establishing a mobile game startup, the company did well, so I created a new startup.” Tom said, “I am a hedge fund representative who invests in listed companies in the US,” and showed a special bond with Ricky, who is in the same industry. Heejin said, “I am in charge of sales and marketing at a food trading company,” and Harim said, “I am a marketing expert in cosmetics manufacturing.”

In addition, Dewey said, “I graduated from the Department of Computer Engineering at Seoul National University,” and “I went through Microsoft and Electronic Arts, and now I am a developer of ‘Call of Duty’ for the game company Activision Blizzard.”

Jerome, who had a career in the entertainment industry in the past, said that he is currently “managing the division of the largest bank in the United States,” and MC Lee Hye-young, who heard this, was surprised, saying, “Being a bank teller is an unimaginable job.” Lastly, Jisoo, who introduced herself as “a lawyer licensed in New York State and California,” said, “I was originally in charge of family law, but as I handled my divorce case myself, ‘Hyeonta’ came hard and now I am in charge of labor law.” added.

After all the introductions, the Dolsings who got closer had an impromptu karaoke after party. At this event, Jerome showed off his career as a singer, and Benita revealed her true intentions, saying, “Honestly, I had a crush on Jerome, but my score is dropping.” On the other hand, Sora had a one-on-one conversation with Ricky and developed a good feeling, and Jerome expressed his concern to Harim, saying, “He tends to act like a fool to the girl she likes.” MC Eun Ji-won, who watched this, said, “(The scar of divorce) is bigger than I thought. There must be a psychology of not being confident in front of women.”

Benita, who had a conversation with Dewey, gave him courage by hinting, “All the girls know that Harim is going straight for you.” However, Harim, who was tossing and turning in bed, suddenly summoned Ricky and suggested taking a walk. After thinking about Harim’s words for a while, Ricky made a surprise dash, saying, “Would you like to join me on a 1:1 date tomorrow?”

The next morning, as soon as Jisoo received a text message from the mission saying, “Let’s stamp a date,” he went to Jimmy and suggested, “Let’s stamp together.” However, when Jimmy tried to talk to Ji-soo’s roommate, Hee-jin, about getting her stamp, she was stumped by Ji-soo’s proposal that came in first. Afterwards, those who moved to the blackboard were troubled when they saw the ‘double date’ course that could be paired with 5:5 or 6:4. At this time, Ji-soo and Hee-jin noticed Ji-soo at the same time, and while Ji-soo took a glance, she sent a secret sign to Hee-jin, and she stamped the date course ‘closely’. Knowing this, Jisoo smiled dejectedly and stamped on the same course as Jimmy Heejin. Subsequently, Benita, who said, “I want to talk to Jimmy,” also stamped on the “closer” course, resulting in a dramatic turnaround situation in which the three women voted for Jimmy.

On the other side of the ‘Thrilling’ course, while Jerome, Ricky, and Tom stamped their seals, Harim, who promised to have a 1:1 date with Ricky the day before, and Sora, who developed a crush on Ricky from the night before, stamped side by side. Dewey, who was expecting a date with Harim, was automatically matched to the unwanted ‘nearby’ course due to ‘operation failure’. MCs Yoo Se-yoon and Eun Ji-won said, “The day before, Dewey was a popular guy, but today, Ricky and Dewey’s positions are completely reversed.”

Then, the dating scene of Ricky Sora, Jerome, and Tom Harim, who applied for the ‘Thrilling’ course, was revealed. First, in the ATV experience, the women chose a male partner, but when Sora went straight to Ricky, Harim was embarrassed. Harim reluctantly chose Tom as his partner, and Ricky Sora enjoyed the thrill of the ATV and shared natural skinship. On the other hand, Harim repeatedly said “It’s scary” and ended the experience without chemistry with Tom.

After the ATV experience, a nervous war broke out in the women’s locker room. To Sora, who confided, “I think Ricky is good,” Harim threw her bony remark, “I like you, do whatever you want!” In the end, when Sora said, “I just want you to know, I was just chatting,” Harim replied, “I like Ricky too,” giving her a foreboding of the fierce love triangle that would unfold in the future.

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