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Rowoon concentrates on acting after leaving SF9… “A new challenge, please stay tuned”

Rowoon concentrates on acting after leaving SF9… “A new challenge, please stay tuned”
Rowoon concentrates on acting after leaving SF9… “A new challenge, please stay tuned”

Offline – SBS News

Rowoon (real name Kim Seok-woo) leaves the group SF9 and focuses on his acting career.

On the 18th, the agency FNC Entertainment said, “SF9, which debuted in 2016 and has been working as an artist for 7 years, reached the end of its first contract on September 18. SF9, where all members have already renewed their contracts with the company, is back with an 8-member lineup excluding Rowoon. “I plan to take a leap forward,” he said.

Next, the agency said, “Rowoon plans to focus on his personal activities, including acting. Although the direction of his activities is different, Rowoon, who will always remain as the 9th member of SF9, and the remaining eight members will support each other and show their fans a good side.” “We will do our best in our respective ways.”

Rowoon directly expressed his feelings about leaving the group in a handwritten letter.

Offline – SBS News

Rowoon said, “I was frustrated that I couldn’t explain each and every misunderstanding, big or small, and in the past, I focused on what I had to do right away, thinking that one day my sincerity would be conveyed. I knew that as much as I received attention and support, I could also be hated. “I understand, but I guess I’m a little soft. Sometimes, when misunderstandings arise, I need the courage to say no, but those were the days when I was always busy hiding,” he said, looking back, “If there are any fans who felt hurt and disappointed by my complacent attitude, “I’m truly sorry. If you felt unfamiliar with the way I looked before, I’m sure you felt disappointed because I hid myself. I sincerely apologize,” he said, apologizing to his fans.

Rowoon then expressed his gratitude to his fans, saying, “I’m 27 this year, and I’m going to try a new challenge. I think I was really at a loss as to how to talk, where to start, and what to say, but I want to tell you that I want to gather courage and take on a new challenge. “Please watch over 27-year-old Kim Seok-woo so that he can live a responsible life. He will be the same as you remember.”

Rowoon debuted in the music industry as a member of SF9 in 2016 and continued his acting career starting with ‘School 2017’ in 2017. He has appeared in dramas such as ‘Extraordinary Discovery’, ‘Senior, Don’t Put on That Lipstick’, ‘Love Love’, and ‘Tomorrow’, and is currently appearing in the JTBC drama ‘This Love Is Force Majeure’.

(SBS Entertainment News Reporter Kang Seon-ae)

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