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‘Idol Singles 4’ Harim’s tearful confession, “I’m raising three children alone”

‘Idol Singles 4’ Harim’s tearful confession, “I’m raising three children alone”
‘Idol Singles 4’ Harim’s tearful confession, “I’m raising three children alone”

While Harim of ‘Idol Singles 4’ revealed in the final piece of information, ‘Children Reveal,’ that she was “raising three children alone,” Ricky confirmed his strong feelings by hugging Harim and confessing, “I really, really like you.”

In the 9th episode of MBN’s signature dating show ‘Idol Singles 4’, which aired on the 17th, 10 single men and women from the United States – Dewey, Ricky, Benita, Sora, Jerome, Jimmy, Jisoo, Tom, Harim and Heejin – were asked the last piece of information, ‘Do they have children?’ ‘, and later, a notice about the final 1:1 date was suddenly opened at dawn, and a fierce battle of wits unfolded, making viewers’ hearts flutter. On this day, the broadcast recorded 3.8% (based on Nielsen Korea paid broadcast households), breaking Season 4’s highest viewership rating yet again, reflecting viewers’ keen interest in the direction of the hearts of 10 single men and women who have only the final choice left before moving in together. In addition, in the non-drama TV search response for the first week of September released by Good Data Corporation, ‘Doll Singles 4’ ranked 3rd, and in the TOP 10 non-drama search issue keywords, 1st place (‘Doll Singles 4’ Harim) and 7th place (‘Doll Singles 4′) Singles 4’ Sora), showing ‘a huge amount of buzz’.

The 10 people who were preparing dinner at ‘Single House’ prepared their hearts when an announcement was made that ‘We will open for children’s presence in 1 hour.’ Meanwhile, Harim went up to her room and burst into tears, showing her distraught feelings. After a while, the 10 single men and women who gathered in the living room began to ‘disclose their children’ one by one, and Jerome, Benita, Jisoo, and Dewey said, “I have no children.” On the other hand, Ricky said, “I have a thoughtful and loving seven-year-old son, and I am co-parenting him 50:50 with my ex-wife.” He added, “The reason I recently moved to Irvine was because my ex-wife wanted to settle down in her new boyfriend’s hometown. “I made a big decision to move to raise my child,” he confessed, arousing surprise.

Harim then confessed, “I am raising my children, ages 8, 5, and 2, alone.” In response to Harim saying, “Every day is difficult and stressful because I am raising a child alone and working at the same time,” MC Lee Ji-hye said, “So the days at ‘Single House’ must have been like heaven, like a dream you don’t want to wake up from,” and cried together. poured out Tom revealed, “I have twin sons, who are 4 years old,” and added, “We agreed that my ex-wife would have primary custody and I would spend half a day with the kids twice a week, but (X) decided not to spend time with the kids after the divorce. He expressed his longing for children, saying, “We have continued to reduce the number, and it has become increasingly difficult to see them due to COVID-19.” In response to the explanation that “we are currently in the middle of a lawsuit to obtain joint custody,” Jerome offered witty consolation, saying, “Get free consultation from (attorney) Jisoo.”

While Heejin and Jimmy also said, “We have no children,” Sora, who was last in line, said, “I have a son who will soon be four years old.” “I could have continued a loveless marriage with my ex-husband, but the child gave me the courage to divorce.” He said. At the same time, Sora said, “After the divorce, my child never said to me, ‘I miss my dad,’ but she said she cried looking for her dad in kindergarten,” and then she burst into tears that she had been holding back.

After completing the ‘children’s disclosure’, they hugged each other and shared their sincere feelings, saying, “Thank you for your hard work.” Above all, attention was focused on Ricky’s change of heart due to Harim’s confession of ‘raising three children’. At this time, Ricky opened his arms wide and hugged Harim tightly and comforted her by repeating the words, “Everything is okay.” After controlling their emotions, the two had a deep conversation on the terrace, where Harim asked, “How can someone with three kids be okay?” Ricky replied in slightly awkward Korean, “I really, really like you,” destroying the studio. I ordered it. Afterwards, they talked about each other’s children’s names and the current status of their interactions with X, and only then smiled brightly.

After the parents’ ‘child-proud time’ and emotionally turbulent conversations, the rules for ‘1:1 dates’ were suddenly announced in the early morning, when only the ‘love triangle protagonists’ Benita, Jerome, and Tom were left in the living room. Jerome, who confirmed that ‘the stamp closing time is 8 a.m. and the opening time is undecided,’ asked to speak to Benita before Tom, and took Benita to his room and said, “Don’t stamp (with Tom).” “He said without hesitation. Tom, who had been pacing around in front of Jerome’s room to talk to Benita, waited for their conversation to end and eventually fell asleep. On the other hand, persistent Jerome waited with open eyes until 5:30 a.m. when the date stamp opened, and succeeded in waking Benita up and stamping them together.

Subsequently, while Ricky I couldn’t hide my happiness. However, Tom, who woke up two minutes before the deadline, managed to stamp the last remaining space, became Sora’s partner, and could not hide his upset over the fact that he had missed the opportunity to date Benita. However, from then on, Tom constantly looked for opportunities, such as visiting Benita’s room and having a private conversation. Furthermore, in an interview with the production team, he said, “I still don’t know (what will happen in the future),” and expressed his continued intention to go straight ahead.

Lastly, the scene of Ricky and Harim’s 1:1 date was revealed. In the car heading to the date spot, the two talked about “I think it would be a good idea to have a big gathering including our children, X and It evoked a ‘strong reaction’, saying, “I can feel the difference greatly.” After some time, the two had a meal together and had a realistic conversation about “how, as parents, we will resolve this if our children fight.” They also had their first sweet kiss while sharing ice cream on the street.

The last night of Singles House, where all emotions are mixed like a storm, and the 10th episode of ‘Idol Singles 4’, where the ‘final selection’ is made before 10 single men and women in the United States live together, is specially scheduled for 150 minutes and airs on the night of the 24th (Sunday). It will be broadcast on MBN at 9:30.

Electronic Newspaper Internet Reporter Lee Jun-su ([email protected])

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