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‘Channel Fifteen Nights’ Kang Ha-neul “A story maker? “You made it all” Verification completed by friendly Haneul

‘Channel Fifteen Nights’ Kang Ha-neul “A story maker? “You made it all” Verification completed by friendly Haneul
‘Channel Fifteen Nights’ Kang Ha-neul “A story maker? “You made it all” Verification completed by friendly Haneul

Actor Kang Ha-neul explained the qualifier of being a story maker.

On the 18th, a live broadcast was held on the YouTube channel ‘Channel Fifteen Nights’ with the title ‘Kang Sky’s Appearance on Dopamine Live’.

On this day’s broadcast, Kang Ha-neul appeared and talked about various things with producer Na Young-seok. Kang Ha-neul, who appeared with Jo Jung-seok, Jung Woo, and Jeong Sang-hoon in the Icelandic episode of tvN’s ‘Youth Over Flowers’ in 2016, made people laugh by leaving for Iceland as soon as the film festival awards ceremony was over.

In response to PD Na’s remark that it is not an easy decision to make, Kang Ha-neul said, “I already wanted to go after receiving the handwritten letter. I thought it would be really fun because the members there were very close friends. I thought it would be really fun when I just read the article, but I was really happy when they gave me an honorable mention. And isn’t it producer Na Young-seok? “It was absurd, but it was fun,” he said.

He continued, “When I think back to that time, the first thing that occurred to me was that I didn’t have a passport or anything. Even before that, the company asked me to send my driver’s license and passport in advance because I had to go to a photo shoot. It had been delivered 3-4 days in advance. “Even the company kept it a secret from me,” he recalled at the time.

Kang Ha-neul revealed that his MBTI is ISFP and was glad that Na Young-seok was the same as him. When asked that one of the characteristics of ISFPs is ‘trusting others,’ Kang Ha-neul said, “I believe that there will always be only good people around me. I didn’t have any friends who took advantage of me or anything like that. I think I’m lucky. I think it’s because I can’t remember the bad things. People say I work consistently and do well, but I think it was luck. “It’s not humility,” he said.

Kang Ha-neul, who co-starred with Jung So-min in the movie ’30 Days’, which will be released on October 3, has a busy promotional schedule recently. ’30 Days’, in which Kang Ha-neul appears, is a comedy about a couple, Jeong-yeol (played by Kang Ha-neul) and Na-ra (played by Jeong So-min), who cannot bear each other’s pettiness and stubbornness and end up suffering from amnesia just before they become husband and wife.

In response to the question of whether they meet again after dating in real life and then break up, or never meet again, Kang Ha-neul said, “We will never meet again.” There have been times when I contacted them and there were times when they contacted me. I’ve contacted him for other reasons, but I’ve never wanted to meet him again. Personally, I think we are repeating the same mistakes. “I think we’ll repeat the same thing if we meet again.”

Also, Kang Ha-neul, who is known as a ‘good story maker,’ said, “The ‘Radio Star’ production team and senior Kim Gura made it all. “That’s not true,” he humbly said, and Na Young-seok took the time to introduce and verify the well-known stories one by one.

When asked about memorizing the names of all staff members, even the youngest, at the filming site, Kang Ha-neul said, “I want to correct that. There are a lot of people on set, and when I film, there are things I need to ask them to do, so I start by memorizing the names of my close friends. I don’t think it would be possible to memorize the names of all 100 people on set or to memorize everyone’s names. “I slowly memorized the names of the people I bumped into,” he explained.

Next, when asked about giving pocket money to the youngest staff member of the movie ‘Retrial,’ he said, “I will be honest. I don’t remember the ‘retrial’. But I give it to you sometimes. So it is difficult to say whether it is true or not. I have also played the role of the youngest, and I think the ones who struggle the most on set are the youngest. We all have a hard time, but the youngest members see us as a plus and get nervous. So it’s more difficult. “It’s not like I’m being treated any better, so a warm word is nice, but I don’t give big things, but I give small things,” he said.

Regarding the story about giving gifts to the staff after ‘Youth Over Flowers’ ended in Iceland, he said, “I don’t remember for sure, but I don’t usually give them to the top people. “I think it was sunglasses or something like that,” he said, and a staff member on site at the time testified, “He took the youngest staff members around and bought them gifts at the duty-free shop at the stopover.”

In addition, Kang Ha-neul gifted an air conditioner to a staff member working at a cafe because there was no air conditioner in the summer, and recorded a surprise congratulatory message upon hearing the news of the marriage of a reporter he was interviewing. The story continued, including that she had hand-written a military instruction manual for her successor in the military. /[email protected]

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