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Dex reveals the entire story of the lease scam, “The landlord pulled out, saying he only lent his name”

Dex reveals the entire story of the lease scam, “The landlord pulled out, saying he only lent his name”
Dex reveals the entire story of the lease scam, “The landlord pulled out, saying he only lent his name”

/Photo = Capture from YouTube channel ‘Dex 101’

Broadcaster Dex, a former noncommissioned officer in the UDT (Republic of Korea Navy Special Warfare Group), revealed the full story of a charter fraud incident he personally experienced.

On the 18th, a video titled ‘Everyone beware of charter fraud’ was posted on the YouTube channel ‘Dex 101’.

The video shows Dex meeting with a lawyer and consulting on lease fraud. Previously, Dex confessed that he had been the victim of a lease scam.

Dex said, “I am trying to understand and resolve the current situation regarding the lease fraud, which was only rumored,” and “(I) was the victim of a lease fraud, but the person who committed the fraud did not admit it. But I think I was 100% the victim.” He started speaking.

The lawyer said, “It is highly likely that the person who served as a broker was also complicit (in the lease fraud). We recently conducted a special joint crackdown on lease fraud, and 40% of those booked for lease fraud were licensed real estate agents or assistants to real estate agents. The assistants were real estate agents. He pointed out, “Many people pretend to be brokers by only borrowing someone’s name. Since responsibility for the title is very weak, the punishment is also weak.”

/Photo = Capture from YouTube channel ‘Dex 101’

Dex said, “Because of a small number of people, the entire image is ruined,” and added, “I took out a loan for 90% of the 270 million won for the jeonse. I took out a jeonse loan and the contract period was 2 years. At first, I paid 270 million won to landlord A. “I gave it to Mr. and the contract was completed without any problems. I was living well, but (Mr. A) sold it to the landlord, Mr. B,” he explained his situation.

He continued, “I was not aware of this fact. Later, the bank said, ‘The landlord’s name has changed. Please give me the information,’ so I called Mr. B.” He continued, “The problem is that the house is old and leaks occurred in the winter. “When I contacted him, he told me to contact a real estate agent he knows and collect the repair costs,” he said.

Dex said, “I had a strange feeling from then on. Why do we have to argue about this? Why should I be stressed? After construction, repair costs of about 1 million won were incurred, and the real estate was under water. I called Mr. B and he said he was the landlord. “He said no. It turned out that Mr. B was a gap investor.”

At the same time, he said, “Mr. B said that he only lent his name and received money. I was scared because it was my first time seeing such a large amount of money exchanged. I was confused about whether I should criticize Mr. B or not.”

The lawyer who heard this pointed out, “You should curse him. He is a bad person. The current act itself is illegal as it is a title trust.”

Meanwhile, tenants who are experiencing difficulties due to lease fraud can apply to be determined as a victim at the city or province that has jurisdiction over their place of residence. Those who are determined to be victims after a committee resolution can receive detailed guidance on support measures through the Housing and Urban Guarantee Corporation (HUG) Rental Damage Support Center (face-to-face or by phone) or branch office (face-to-face).

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