Looking at the damage suffered by elementary school students during the filming of ‘Pyramid Game’, it is not just a ‘filming nuisance’, but it is so serious that it is frowned upon < OTT < Entertainment < Text of article


TVING’s original ‘Pyramid Game’ cast/children’s sanctuary file photo unrelated to the article. ⓒTving/News 1

TVING’s original series ‘Pyramid Game’ released an official statement regarding the controversy that arose from blocking a children’s protection area and impeding traffic during filming.

On the afternoon of the 18th, the production team of ‘Pyramid Game’ issued an apology for ‘controversy over filming inconveniences such as obstructing passage to children’s protection zones.’ They said, “We have confirmed that it caused inconvenience to people walking at the filming location last week,” and “We sincerely apologize for not paying more attention during the production process.”

He then apologized, saying, “We will strive to strengthen safety through more thorough on-site management in the future and prevent unpleasant incidents from recurring.”

Children’s sanctuary file photo unrelated to the article. ⓒNews 1

This morning, an article titled ‘Another closed filming roadblock mired in controversy’ spread around online communities. This article points out problems that occurred during the filming of ‘Pyramid Game’.

Author A said, “Last week we filmed by blocking the sidewalk on the way to school, and today it happened again. We put up video equipment on the children’s way to school to film a drama. No one came out and gave safety guidance while filming.” He raised eyebrows by saying, “Even the bike path was blocked, and the children walked on the road.”

Mr. A then raised the question, “What is this happening on a normal school day?” and added, “I am angry that filming has to be done during the children’s school hours. Please avoid the school hours and allow the children to walk on the sidewalk.” .

Cast members of TVING's 'Pyramid Game'. ⓒTiving

Cast members of TVING’s ‘Pyramid Game’. ⓒTving

Meanwhile, ‘Pyramid Game’ is a drama based on a webtoon of the same name, and tells the story of Baekyeon Girls’ High School’s second-year class 5, where each grade is assigned by vote every month, and those graded as F become legitimate victims of school violence. A female high school student who had to become a sniper to escape this pyramid game becomes the main character and unfolds her activities.

‘Pyramid Game’ is a TVing original work and is scheduled to be released in 2024.

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