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Actor Gong Hyung-jin, rumored to be dead?… “Businesses in China are failing one after another” :: Munhwa Ilbo, Munhwa


photoClick to see a larger image From left: Jung Jun-ho, Gong Hyeong-jin, Shin Hyun-jun

Actor Gong Hyung-jin revealed the reason why rumors of his death arose during his hiatus.

On the 17th, Gong Hyung-jin announced his current status on the YouTube channel ‘Shin Hyun-joon Jung Jun-ho Mental Up Show’. Shin Hyun-jun said, “There were all sorts of rumors. When they said, “There was talk that he died,” Gong Hyeong-jin said, “It’s not like he left this lineage. “I am still working hard to pursue a related industry,” he began.

“I had a relationship with China and did business there. When I was working as an actor, whenever I received a business offer, I politely declined it. “It was because I didn’t know much,” he said. “I always wanted to make a good work.” “A request came in to produce a Chinese film, so I took charge of it, but the production was halted due to administrative and investment issues,” he confessed. “By chance, I learned about the health supplement business and created a red ginseng brand. COVID-19 broke out just as it was about to go on sale in China. “I have overcome everything and am now in the final stages of setup,” he added.

Gong Hyeong-jin said, “When I watched TV, I thought, ‘Why am I doing this here?’” and “I became distant from my younger siblings and seniors, who I liked, half willingly and half unwillingly. He said, “Because I went back and forth to China and got scammed, it didn’t show up until I got results.”


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