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What about Dex and Kwon Eun-bi… ‘flirting’ with IZ*ONE’s younger sister Kang Hye-won?


[TV리포트=강성훈 기자] Military-turned-broadcaster Dex once again attracted attention with his flirting.

On the 2nd, Kang Hye-won, a former member of the girl group IZ*ONE, appeared as a guest on the online channel ‘Daily Chill’ content ‘Dex’s Cold Interview’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Cold Interview’).

Kang Hye-won said that she saw an episode in which solo singer Kwon Eun-bi from IZ*ONE and TWICE’s Sana appeared as guests, and Dex said to Kang Hye-won, “You look like Sana.” Dex has always mentioned Sana as his ideal type.

The ‘Cold Interview’ was conducted with the concept of speaking informally, and the two people continued their conversation comfortably according to the concept. Kang Hye-won asked Dex if she had become close with anyone these days, and when Dex thought about it, she said, “I guess it’s not me.” Dex said, “Hye-won, did you come out today to flirt with my brother?” Kang Hye-won said she didn’t want to flirt, and she hit an ‘iron wall’.


Dex chattered non-stop, saying, “Our Hyewon definitely looks 200 times better in person.” However, he said that he doesn’t think he is Kang Hye-won’s style and said, “I will only follow one-sided (personal accounts). “I’m not sending DMs,” he said. In the past, he confessed that he was excited after filming ‘Cold Interview’ with Eunbi Kwon and sent her a long DM on his personal account. It appears that she was joking because she is from the same group as Kwon Eun-bi and is her close younger sister, Kang Hye-won.

Kang Hye-won joked, saying, “Thank you,” when she said she didn’t send DMs, and Dex also seemed amused, as if he got dumped even though he didn’t confess.

A netizen said, “You two are so cute. There were positive reactions such as “Cute brother and sister chemistry,” “Dex does a good job hosting the guest comfortably,” and “Dex is good-looking, and Kang Hye-won is pretty and has crazy visuals.”

Meanwhile, Kang Hye-won previously declined to be invited to a ‘cold interview’. Regarding the reason for her rejection, he honestly said, “I didn’t know it would turn out this well,” making her laugh.

Reporter Kang Seong-hoon [email protected] / Photo = Channel ‘One Day Seven’

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