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A sudden revelation… Lee Dong-gun, “Kim Ji-seok has a prostate issue”

A sudden revelation… Lee Dong-gun, “Kim Ji-seok has a prostate issue”
A sudden revelation… Lee Dong-gun, “Kim Ji-seok has a prostate issue”

[OSEN=김수형 기자]In ‘My Little Old Boy’, Lee Dong-gun exposed Kim Ji-seok’s prostate issue.

The SBS entertainment show ‘My Little Old Boy (abbreviated as My Little Old Boy)’ aired on the 19th.

Actor Lee Dong-gun, who visited the bike shop that day, appeared and appeared to be infatuated with bikes. Then, actor Kim Ji-seok, known as her best friend, arrived and fell in love with the bike. It turned out that he had been buying bikes quite often for a long time. Lee Dong-gun test rides a bike for the first time in about 10 years. He naturally got on board. It turns out that he even did his own stunts in the past. 20 years ago, he was depicted riding a bike in ‘Lovers in Paris’, and he was said to have actually ridden a bike in Paris as well.

Also, on this day, the two discovered a basketball hoop and showed interest in basketball. It turns out that they even went to games and were in a basketball club. Lee Dong-gun said, “I’m from Whimoon High School,” and said he was Seo Jang-hoon’s junior, while Kim Ji-seok said, “I’m from Gyeongbok High School,” and said he was Shin Dong-yeop’s junior. They were basketball rivals. The two then put their pride on the line and played a basketball game.

On this day, Kim Ji-seok attacked, saying, “I went to my brother’s house last week and was surprised, and it smelled like a widower. It smells like a man living alone.” Dong-gun Lee attacked himself, saying, “The house already had a musty smell, because I’m a man living alone.” Ji-seok Kim said, “That’s what I meant.” “No,” he said apologetically.

In response, Lee Dong-gun revealed, “If I smell like a widower, you have prostate issues,” and Kim Ji-seok suddenly got angry at the prostate revelation, saying, “Time, you need to speak well. Do you know my prostate?” Lee Dong-gun joked, “I went to the bathroom more than 3 times in two hours, so I have to go to the hospital.” Kim Ji-seok said, “My brother went there often too, so we were worried together,” and Lee Dong-gun said, “I escaped 100%. Actually, I talked to my mother about the bathroom problem, and my mother gave me the toilet.” “I got better after drinking tomato juice,” he said, drawing a line with Kim Ji-seok and making everyone laugh.

The two also mentioned their public relationship on this day. When Lee Dong-gun asked Kim Ji-seok what he was like, Kim Ji-seok said, “I will definitely follow my girlfriend’s position. If I were a public figure, I would follow my girlfriend’s position.” He also pretended to hide himself by saying, “I’m in a secret relationship,” making everyone laugh.

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