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16th Sang-cheol, “Young-sook and Yeong-cheol have a clean private life? They are human trash” Anger


While Youngsook of the 16th group of ‘I’m Solo’ shocked Sangcheol by revealing his 19+ messages and complicated relationships with women, Sangcheol also responded by exposing Youngsook and the other members of the 16th group.

On the 20th, Sang-cheol said through a live broadcast on SNS, “Young-cheol and Young-sook, do you think their private lives are clean? What did you (Young-cheol, Young-sook) tell me? You guys have completely broken down your sexual notions. There are things I talked to you over the phone. “He couldn’t hide his excitement.

16th class Youngsook (left) and Sangcheol. (Captured from Instagram) / News 1

The message between a female fan and Sang-cheol was revealed after being tipped off by the 16th class Young-sook. (SNS capture)

He then said, “Do you know how many dirty things Youngsook told me on the phone? Youngsook posted (my) sex drips? (Youngsook) I’m telling you because you are human trash. Youngsook sent me dirty pictures and “I did,” he said.

He then asked about the reason why he decided to break up with Youngsook, “Does Youngsook have a clean private life? (I) said that when I go to Korea, I will have a passionate relationship with her and do everything I can, and that when we are in the U.S. and Korea, we will each have a lover.” “Do you think the woman has a clean private life?” he said angrily.

He also heavily criticized Yeong-cheol and Yeong-su, saying, “They are despicable bastards and human scum who use men’s talk about women and jokes between men as an attack weapon.”

Previously, Youngsook revealed messages containing sexual connotations during a conversation she had with Sangcheol.

In the conversation, Sang-cheol said, “After my divorce, I gained weight because I didn’t work at night,” “Here (in the U.S.), there is a strong fwb culture, so friends of the opposite sex just do it once in a while.”, “Central and South American women have a volume that Asian women don’t have, and so do I. He made remarks such as “I looked at the social language, but Asians are the best overall.”

In addition, when Youngsook sent a message saying that she had given her son a bath, Sangcheol asked, “Did you take off your clothes when you showered?” He also sent a message saying, “I imagine kissing you and joining you when I sleep and when I shower.”

In addition, Youngsook also revealed a message she received from another woman who had been in contact with Sangcheol.

In this message, Sang-cheol said to a woman named ○○, “I want to see XX. Oh, I want to do it with ○○. Can I be the only one with ○○?”

Sangcheol continued to demand, “Please show me XX. I’m completely in the zone right now. XX mode. Please show me.” When the other woman laughed and said, “It’s so embarrassing,” Sang-cheol conciliated, “I’m going to bite and wash it all next month anyway, so what’s the point of being embarrassed?”

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In response to the revealed conversation, Sang-cheol explained, “Most sex drips are made up,” and expressed his position, “There is absolutely no problem with deep conversation in heterosexual relationships between adult men and women who like each other. Everyone, please be confident and have a healthy sex life.”

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