‘Balaclava’ written by Park Sol-mi is popular in the cold… What is the warming effect?

Park Sol-mi revealed her appearance wearing a balaclava. What health benefits does a balaclava have? [사진=박솔미 인스타그랩 캡처]

Actress Park Sol-mi showed off her appearance wearing a balaclava on Instagram. In the photo, Park Sol-mi was wearing a black knitted balaclava and round glasses. She is not only Park Sol-mi, but also famous celebrities can often be seen wearing balaclavas when winter comes. What health benefits does a balaclava have?

A balaclava is a hat that keeps your head, neck, and shoulders warm. It is a winter clothing that combines a hat and a neck warmer, and was first woven from wool during the Crimean War in the 1850s by British soldiers to survive the harsh Russian cold.

What is the thermal insulation effect of a balaclava?… Effective in preventing heat loss from the head and neck and maintaining body temperature

Heat loss from the head and neck during winter varies greatly depending on clothing, hats, earplugs, etc. If you wear thick clothes without a hat or scarf on a cold day, there is a high possibility that body heat will escape through your head or neck. Unlike a hat that is worn only on the head, a balaclava is effective in raising body temperature.

As a result, you can protect your immunity and prevent exposure to various diseases. Even if body temperature drops by just 1℃, immunity decreases by about 30%. Even if the body temperature drops by just 1℃ from the normal body temperature of 36℃, it is classified as hypothermia and symptoms such as muscle cramps, chills, and hyperventilation may appear.

Balaclavas that cover the head and neck are also beneficial to cerebrovascular health. When the head is cold, the cerebral blood vessels constrict and blood flow to the brain is disrupted. There are also thick blood vessels in the neck that go up to the brain. When these blood vessels constrict, blood is not supplied properly to the brain. In addition, balaclavas also help reduce tension in the neck and shoulders. As the body shrinks less from the cold, the muscles and ligaments around the neck become less stiff, preventing stiffness.

Unsanitary balaclavas can cause irritation to the scalp and skin.

Balaclavas are easier to neglect washing than other clothing. However, using an unhygienic balaclava can cause inflammation in the scalp or skin. If you wear a balaclava on a cold winter morning while your hair is wet, your scalp will become damp. In a humid environment, bacteria multiply easily, causing bad odors, inflammation, and bad smells.

Balaclavas that easily touch the edges of the face and chin can cause red-colored rashes or itchy folliculitis if they are not washed regularly. Clothing made of fur attracts dust easily and is a good breeding ground for dust mites. Even if it’s annoying, it’s a good idea to wash your clothes once a week with a neutral detergent in water.

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