Shinji and Kim Jong-min get married

Shinji and Kim Jong-min get married

Photo = Shinji’s Instagram

Shinji is drawing attention when talking about marriage rumors with Kim Jong-min.

Coyote, who appeared on SBS Power FM’s ‘Two O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show’ (hereinafter ‘Cultwo Show’), which was broadcast on the 18th, recently became a hot topic. Shinji and Kim Jong-min have been dating for two years, and they are planning to get married in October.

Shinji said, “According to the YouTube content, they say that I am pregnant and I am getting married to Kim Jong-min at the church in October. There are people who really believe in fake news.

When I saw the YouTube comments, netizens really congratulated me,” he said, talking about an absurd situation.

He continued, “It’s good to say that we get along well because they look at us pretty, but I want you to be careful about stories like pregnancy rumors about me because they’re sensitive. It’s absolutely not true.” “Please be careful about fake news like this.”

Photo = Shinji’s Instagram

Also, on the 18th, Shinji posted the contents of a group chat room on her Instagram with the caption, “The end of dryness!! Common Siblings’ Kakao Talk”.

The conversation with the Koyote members ended with one letter. When Jong-min Kim said “Heh haha”, Shinji asked “Moga haha”, and Paekga also said “why”.

Recently, when a fan worried, “You’re getting married to Kim Jong-min on YouTube,” Shinji responded coolly, “Don’t worry.”

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